vegan boots

A Quaint Swiss Winter Hiking Boot for Vegans and Vegetarians


Here are the details:


Blue (featured) and black

* Polyurethane, cotton, rubber (no leather)

This is awesome. This looks like a swiss hiking boot like the ones I used to see in the ridiculous but awesome catalog I used to receive called Gorsuch. It was a catalog that was aimed at  trophy wives who had moved to ski towns in Europe, who dressed (or so the catalog claimed) in  typically white high collared ruffled shirts, leather leggings, leather boots embroidered with flowers, while the little blond children typically wore lederhosen and embroidered leather parkas. Everyone was posed on the ski slopes of the alps or in the apres ski lodge. Everything was literally like 4000 dollars  but they sent the catalog out to anyone who would take it. You must check it out for yourself!
They sold boots exactly like these, but amazingly these use no leather.