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Top 10 Cool Vegan Shoes for Women for Fall 2014


Today I thought I would do a fashion post. I have been adding a ton of very cool vegan shoes to my pinterest page, and if you or anyone else you know is in need of vegan shoes, check it out. But on this post I thought I would pick my favorites as of right now from my pinterest page, in my opinion.

Ok, here goes.

1. I"m in love with the

These shoes from good guys don’t wear leather are awesome. They have je ne sais quoi. Yes, I have fallen into the “why are french people cooler than us trap”.

2. awesome pic of these

No, these shoes from good guys are awesome. They take the #2 spot. These are in navy blue, but they come in red too. Very 70s which was allegedly the coolest decade, cause all the good films come from then I hear. But these would be perfect to wear with anything and you would never look like you are trying to hard, just being, effortlessly cool.

3. women should be fear

I think these shoes are really cool. Tough. Evil. Badass. As I tried to write on Pinterest, I once read an Alexander McQueen quote that was about how when he was younger he was a child of a single mother. He watched her be in abusive relationships. So he said he wanted women to dress in a way that commanded respect. He was like, people should respect women and be scared of them almost. A very sweet but bittersweet sentiment. He respected women so much he wanted men to fear them and bow down in awe. I was in awe when I read a book about his clothes that I bought in anthropoligie. He was a true artist.

4. reminds me of someth

I really like these shoes. They are so girlie and elegant. They reminds me of something an always stylish grandmother would wear. With a pedicure of course. There is something old fashioned about them, like Ginger Rogers and Fred Astaire. Feminine and life of the cocktail party. <3

5. These vegan shoes re

I love that these shoes from vegan company Cri de Coeur were inspired by Gustav Klimt. Klimt is so cool.

Can’t you just imagine her wearing these shoes?

6. 60398c091baa94b6158e8e39a983c3f0

These boots from H&M are a very cool length. I like them a lot. What can I say about these babies. They’re just cool, are they not?

7. d5294d52f2243ff6cb2a6c6e58b1742c

I’m sorry, I am just a big fan of these shoes. They remind me of something Kanye would tell Kim she couldn’t wear. But she would wear them anyway and then they would get in a fight about it. They’re so feminine and cool. Embrace the fact that if you are a girl you can wear stuff like this, and have fun.


In the same vein, I really love these. I once saw a girl wearing a short dress with boots like this, but maybe they were flat thigh high boots which would be a bit better probably, but it looked so amazing I never forgot it. I am going to get these.

9. a24678e46d580771142810d2dec2a67f

These vans. I have them in faded black. They are just so cool, they go with everything. I don’t know what I’d do without them. They are the MVP in my wardrobe really. I confirmed with vans these are vegan, so no fear about that.

10. 052dc09bcf68e42c5dd82299536ab524

I really like these shoes. I could see them in an old guess or levis ad, with like a girl stranded in Texas wearing these and a long jean skirt.


Ok you can find these all on my pinterest board and there are a ton of other cool vegan shoes on there as well that I also really like, so check it out and if you like it, please share with anyone you think could use it. I don’t make money off of it, I just really think its a great resource and wish more people knew about it. 

Also let me know if you enjoyed this kind of fashion-y post, like I used to do back in the day. 


Vegan Bags, A Cat Family, and a Raw Vegan Update

2 mamas and their babies.

Hello everyone,

It is me, the artist formerly known as marthaflatley.

So I am now blogging at (FYI)

A little update: I’m still going strong with the whole raw vegan thing.

I have slipped up a couple of times but I think I am beginning to see fruit and vegetables as legitimate sources of food, which can only be a good thing.

It’s funny, I used to look at the produce section and feel like it was plastic food almost. Who could eat all those vegetables. Now I can imagine eating all of them.

I’m really excited that my fitness and strength are increasing and my energy levels seem to be pooling up like water in a deep dark pool of water. Like a lake. (I have been yearning to go back on vacation to a large body of water)

l a k e

There is one interesting side effect as well. Weight Loss.

I’m losing weight for the first time ever, basically. And yet, it is kind of a tortured feeling because I know the moment I stop my diet the weight loss will disappear and I’ll go back to my normal size.

I almost wish I was not losing weight. So I would not have to worry about false hope.

Have you ever had this fear? What if you lose weight and you attract someone attracted to a thin person…but then you gain weight…going back to your normal size and they are no longer attracted to you.

“So much for true love.”  -Ursula the Sea Witch

There are so many disturbing thoughts for me centered around weight loss.

At least I know I am not doing anything unhealthy to lose weight, but simply following a species specific diet for humans of fruits and vegetables and a few nuts.

It makes me think also….did my body always somehow crave this food? And was I denying my body the right fuel it needed to function properly?

Whatever though. I was pretty healthy before.

Anyway…. I have some cool new vegan shoes and bags on my pinterest board! I added a pinterest feed to the site so you can see the latest 25 vegan shoe pins by clicing the pinterest tab on my site.

(some stuff on my pinterest board Cool Vegan Shoes)

And yes I realize these aren’t shoes….but cool I hope and vegan I know.

vegan bag in pastel blue from asos #vegan #veganbag

vegan bag in pastel pink from asos #vegan #veganbag

Have you guys found any cool vegan finds?

It’s Friday guys. Any cool weekend plans? I wish you a weekend full of excitement, fun, love, and the animal kingdom.