vegan shoes

Two Awesome Vegan Shoes from Marais USA

Marais USA Lace Up Heel

Lace-up Heel Black

Smooth faux Napa upper and a chunky wooden heel (it’s on and they always check to make sure things are totally non leather so we can safely assume the sole is non leather too_


Marais USA is a pretty awesome company that sells shoes online. The only boots I wore last winter were their brown Chelsea boot, which also happens to be vegan.

Chelsea boot in sienna

Chelsea Boot Sienna (also comes in black)


Faux Nappa leather with elastic siding (also on so assume non leather for reasons stated above)

Well, Marais USA has great taste and a lot of their shoes just so happen to be made without leather. They recently released the lace up heel pictured above, and I really took a liking to it.

The lace up heel reminds me of one of my other favorite fashion bloggers: Rhiannon of Liebemarlene vintage. She blogs full time and made a living of selling her vintage finds in an etsy store.  She is very intellectual and loves the history of silent film and classic literature. She lives in Atlanta and a lot of her pictures are taken in spooky run down plantation houses or graveyards. She is gorgeous and looks like Zooey Deschanel but even better. She always seems to wear shoes like this, and now I want to wear them too. lol.

Rhiannon of Liebemarlene Vintage

Every pic is too good.


Non leather Shoes from

AE Velvet Ballet Flat


Rubber sole

After doing the post on bags, I checked out the shoes on to see if there was anything good. Unfortunately, most everything in the shoe section is “genuine suede” (great!!), but this velvet ballet flat, from what I could gather, uses no leather since it has a rubber sole and a velvet upper.

I love velvet and this shoe reminds me of the shoes that a dog might bring an old gentleman sitting in a velvet chair–in other words, velvet slippers. I love that.

There is also a leopard print version of the shoe

Leopard Ballet Flat

Soft Microfiber Fabric

Rubber sole (I’m assuming since that’s what the velvet ballet flat was)

This reminds me of something Brigitte Bardot would wear with ankle length black pants and an over-sized shirt. Amazing how Brigitte Bardot has devoted her life to animals these days. A very cool person.

Well that finishes off my journey into the depths of seeking non leather items. What did you think?