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My Life Update: Weight Loss Goals Achieved, New Job, New Website, New Lease on Life


Hi Guys,

So guess what, everything is going great in my life.

For 1. It’s Spring, and summery weather is here at last and all the good fruit is coming back in season. Fruit in the winter is just pale imitations of fruit in the summer, but you forget that in the winter.

For 2. I have totally relaxed about my diet. I no longer even think about it (whereas for the first 2 years I stressed about eating fruit during the day even if I wasn’t craving it). The videos of High Carb Hannah really helped me recently and now I just aim for vegan whole foods. By now I am so used to having fruit be the staple thought that I just naturally reach for that. I feel fruit makes me feel and look the best but I don’t stress about it if I feel like eating cooked food anymore. I feel I have achieved my weight loss goals and now I can just forget about my diet (of course I’ll always be vegan and always high carb vegan) and just celebrate for the rest of my life.

For 3. I have a new job pole dancing. I would never have been able to get this job if I hadn’t found the secret key to weight loss and youthful looks–a vegan diet based in fresh fruits and vegetables and no calorie restriction.


For 4. I started this new thing called rejection therapy which is where you repeatedly expose yourself to rejection in the form of asking people embarrassing things every day that they will probably reject you for, such as taking a selfie with a stranger, auditioning for a local play, singing the star spangled banner in public, asking to deliver a vegan pizza for a vegan pizza place, etc. This little program developed by Jia Jiang (check out his youtube channel on his 100 days of rejection experiment) helped me so much that I feel like a new person. I feel so much less fear in my life. It inspired me so much that my whole life is better for it.

5. I am very inspired to start my youtube channel and show people how I lost weight on a vegan diet and show people how much veganism has changed my life for the better. Here’s a quick list of the things its done for me

-helped me lose 20-25 pounds never once “dieting” or restricting my calories in any way

-helped me look younger and feel more beautiful

-allowed me to tell people daily about veganism and show people that they have been brainwashed about how animals don’t deserve to live as much as we do

-allowed me to boycott murder and torture–thank god.

-allowed me to never feel guilty about food again

–cured my cramps

–taught me the principles of health

–educated me and inspired me through learning about incredible inspiring animal rights peoples

–allowed me to start a blog and connect with other vegans

–gave me a new appreciation for nature and fruit

-made me look at animals as fascinating intelligent misunderstood beings that we share the earth with instead of cute brainless machines.

I could go on!


I even have a new site redesign.

Life is beautiful.

How are you doing. Please let me know by contacting me in my new “contact me” section or commenting below if you have any questions or if I can help you achieve your weight loss or vegan goals in any way. I believe I have answered or tried to answer almost every single comment ever posted on the blog so I will definitely answer you. I am available to help.




10 Things I Learned from My Raw Food Health Coach Anthea


1. Don’t try to go 100% raw. 

100% raw is something you can gradually transition towards if it makes you feel the best. But focus on doing a healthy diet that is sustainable for you every day. It’s what you do every day that makes the difference.

2. Weight loss is not the goal

The goal is feeling good enough every day to carry out your dreams no matter what you weigh. Don’t obsess over your weight. Obsess over getting enough nutrients to make your body feel as good as it can possibly feel.

3. Do short trials to test what makes you feel best

Does drinking water make a difference? Getting to bed at 9pm? Eating a higher fat percentage? Not eating after 5pm? Eating 90/5/5? Change one variable in your routine and put it to the test for a set period of time. Conduct a study.

4. The healthiest food choices are (in this order) raw fruits and vegetables, steamed non starchy vegetables, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, unprocessed grains like brown rice and quinoa, white rice, beans…then bread and flour products. 

Make the best choice available and notice how the food makes you feel. If you keep noticing, gradually over the years you will naturally lose your taste for certain processed foods.

5. Drink a lot of water before meals and in the morning. 

Water helps your body digest and assimilate nutrients way better.


6. Compare yourself only to yourself and how you used to feel

Don’t compare yourself to Freelee the Banana Girl. Compare yourself to what you felt like or looked like before you started this lifestyle. Conversely if you start to feel worse than you used to feel, take notice.

7. Your focus should be on refining your daily eating and lifestyle habits into something effortless

Keep improving your daily plan so you get all the variables down and are getting enough sleep, exercise, water, sunlight, and eating the healthiest foods. Don’t try to do something like 100% raw for one week. Focus on maybe being 80% raw for the whole year.

8. Eat cooked food whenever you want but try to make the other two meals raw (if raw food makes you feel best). 

Also try to eat some raw food with your cooked food. Like lettuce.

9. Sleep is probably more important than diet. Try taking a sleepcation where you sleep in and just rest in bed for a couple of days. 


10. Don’t weigh yourself. 

The number on the scale is just a number. It tells you nothing about how you are feeling, or how toned you are, or how much muscle you have. It’s better to go by how your clothes are fitting.

My experience with my raw food coach Anthea was amazing and I highly recommend her for anyone who feels alone and has questions about this lifestyle.