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Time for a life update:

Well, I’m still vegan. More hardcore than ever, really, and getting more hardcore by the day.

It’s amazing how veganism seeps deeper and deeper into your mind and all of a sudden, you literally see your friends carving up bloody limbs and laughing like zombies while they eat baby lambs.

I try to be an activist by posting comments on social media and putting in a good word for veganism wherever I go.

As a vegan you learn what brainwashing is all about. It’s crazy how hard it is to get us to snap out of it.

Maybe I’ve watched too much Gary Yourofsky, but I see humans differently now. I am not a 100% misanthrope yet, but I’m no longer a fan of human nature. Sometimes I am really scared of us.


I’ve been watching a lot of vegan youtube.

Freelee, durianrider, vegan gains. I feel like vegan gains is going to get himself killed. That is one brave dude.

I’ve been biking around everywhere. Durianrider convinced me to “burn fat, not oil” and bike everywhere for exercise.

After experimenting with eating more starches and less fruit, I am back to raw till 4 (I started back up). I was still eating a lot of fruit before, but not as much. I missed the fruity glow. I missed the spring in my step and the youthful heavenly beauty benefits.


My weight *basically* stayed the same when I went more starch based…or so I thought until I got a scale to start tracking my weight. BAD IDEA. But it did make me realize I gained a little back with more starches (as in like 5 pounds), but I dk, it might be muscle from my night job. Who knows.


Yay for the power of fruits and vegetables.

I got a job pole dancing at a club, as I mentioned before. It’s so much fun. I love the job. I feel like I have learned so much about confidence from it and gotten over so many of my social anxiety type fears. Also it’s really fun performing.

I feel it’s so important in life to follow your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. Have faith it will make you way way happier.


hope you have a great day




Pole Dancing and Veganism: My Journey to Weight Loss and Self Esteem


I have noticed many people in the raw till 4, high carb vegan movement on the internet are into pole dancing.

I am too, as I have mentioned on this blog before.

I fell in love with pole dancing. It was like literally falling in love. From the first spin, I became obsessed. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I couldn’t wait to go back to class. Until I had to do it every day.

It’s so beautiful. I follow hundreds of pole dancers on Facebook, instagram and youtube.

I learn from all of them and I have gotten so much more strong and flexible as a result.

But there is something interesting about pole dancing that goes beyond strength and flexibility and grace and cool dance moves.


It frees you….mentally. Emotionally.

And that transfers into your movement…you feel loose and free and fluid. You feel able to stretch full out in public and not mind who sees you.


It makes you feel beautiful.

And it gives you this insane confidence that will change your life.

I could go on and on about it. But I love it.

I love it so much I even got a job in a club just to get better and experience that side of pole dancing.

I recommend everyone try pole dancing. As much as I push veganism on people, I push pole dancing just as much.

I just know how much it changed my life.

I used to be so self conscious and inhibited.

I had a phobia of dancing in public….I had a phobia of anyone seeing me free and wild.


I kept myself so tightly reigned in so that no one would be able to judge me or make fun of me.

Pole dancing will cure you of that.

Now at the club girls come up to me all the time and say, “you are amazing. I wish I could move like you”. I tell them how awkward I was and tell them that they NEED to take pole dancing and I guarantee them they will be able to move like me.

One thing pole dancing gets you to realize is that there is another way our culture brainwashes us (just like they brainwash us about food and how animals deserve to be treated).

Women are told to be afraid of their own beauty. Afraid of themselves. Afraid of moving and dressing the way they feel and want because they might be too attractive and threaten someone or tempt someone.


Women do have reason to fear, but it’s like keeping a woman in an ivory tower. How can she ever live and learn if people try to keep her so safe that she never learns how to stand up and protect herself.

Women internalize all this shame about their bodies and their sexuality. It’s really REALLY SAD!!!

Men want women to be free but we are too scared to be free.


I know this is probably not making that much sense, but once you start pole dancing, you start having many realizations about yourself and how we have been shut down and brainwashed by our culture.

No wonder free thinking vegans like pole dancing so much.

Even if you don’t get into sexy style pole dancing, and just do it for fitness…I think you will still experience many of these realizations.

Maybe all dance helps you realize stuff like this and frees your body and your mind.

That’s what I feel makes dance movies so great….the better they get at dance, the freer their minds become. The more they loosen up and enjoy life. I’m thinking dirty dancing here lol.

I just saw Magic Mike XXL the other day. I thought it was an amazing movie.

It shows a little of what it is like to be a pole dancer. So if you see that movie, and think, DAMN that looks awesome, I wish I could be Channing Tatum…you can!

I urge you all to not only go high carb low fat vegan or Raw till 4 or fullyraw, but to also try pole dancing. You will lose weight eating a whole foods vegan diet, but your mind will be freed and your confidence and self esteem will grow with pole dancing.


You can’t have one without the other. You can lose 40 pounds or 20 like me, but still think you look fat and still want to have a flatter stomach.

june 2015 bikini photo

You need to realize that attractiveness comes from within. Sexiness….I swear to you…has nothing to do with weight. Sexiness is who you are, it’s your unique god given personality….the essence of who you are…UNLEASHED.

Full OUT. Holding nothing back.

That is sexy. That is more than sexy. It is magical and divine. It is riveting. I have seen it tons of times.

A super model would literally pale and seems laughable when compared with a woman dancing her true essence.  No one will be looking at the conventionally attractive model. No one will be able to take their eyes off you.


If you live near New York City, LA, San Francisco, Chicago or Houston, you have to get yourself to S Factor, my favorite pole dancing studio where your life will be forever changed. But if not, just take pole dancing anywhere and you will go through the same journey.

Let me know your thoughts. I would love to read any comments or questions below! Would you ever think about trying it? Are you a pole dancer and do you know what I’m talking about?