A Cool Vegan Fashion Blogger and Thoughts on Why It’s Considered Silly to be Interested in Style

I recently got a comment from a blogger who has recently turned fully vegan from vegetarian. She has super cool style! She is from England. I think fashion bloggers are really cool. To start a fashion blog you have really put yourself out there. You have to get over so much self criticism, thinking you are self absorbed, ditzy, silly, or stupid for being interested in creating your own style and thinking about how you want to look. You open yourself up to criticism about your body, looks and taste.

I think fashion and especially personal style is art. I love when people overcome their reservations and put themselves out there. I love to observe people’s style. I think it is our sexist culture that has made women feel that it is stupid to be interested in fashion or style. Or at least that’s how I felt until I realized that there was nothing wrong with being interested in style and having a vegan fashion blog. What do you think. Have you ever felt bad about being interested in style or fashion?
Check out this vegan’s inspirational style. Her blog is ScheuScheu, and thanks for alerting me to your blog Emily!



A Vegan Jacket for Cool Riders

That's the Way Love Goes Jacket in Musician

That's the Way Love Goes Jacket in Musician

A Pink Ladies Jacket from Modcloth.

Ladies?? Modcloth describes it as “vegan friendly” and for $59.99, you know this has got to be made with fake leather. This jacket reminds me of one of my favorite movies as a child: Grease! Wearing this jacket I would feel like a member of the exclusive clique The Pink Ladies.

While Grease 1 is a classic, in my upfront and personal opinion, I prefer Grease 2. Cooler girl, hotter guy!

“If you really want to know, what I want in a guy, well I’m looking for a dream on a mean machine, with hell in his eyes”.

And yes, that was from memory…

For old time’s sake, and for the best way to get the FEEL of this jacket, let me remind you of a classic song: