Interviews with Animal Rights Heroes

I love a good interview, don’t you? I love to delve deep into the inner workings of someone’s mind, and get to know what they are really like.


Mark Darcy, animal rights hero, gives exclusive scoop to My Non Leather Life ;)

Here is a list of some interviews I’ve done with some vegan heroines and heroes:

1. Liz Marshall, director of the feature film The Ghosts in Our Machine, I interviewed here.

2. Founder of the adorable Parisian vegan shoe company Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, I interviewed here.

3. An interview with raw vegan blogger Natalie, whose blog inspired me to become interested in health, can be found here.

4. An interview with the fascinating Shannon Keith, founder of The Beagle Freedom Project and Director and Creator of the movie Behind the Mask: The Story Of The People Who Risk Everything To Save Animals.

5. An interview with the designers behind the great vegan shoe company, Cri de Coeur.

6. An interview with the heroic founder of Toronto Pig Save, Anita Krajnc.

7. An uplifting and beautiful interview with Richard Hoyle of The Pig Preserve.

8. Mark Spicoluk, the most successful indie record label owner in Canada and judge on hit TV show The Next Star as well as former rock star, talks about how he became involved with Toronto Pig Save.

9. An interview with the founder and director of amazing vegan website Free from Harm, Robert Grillo.

10. A video interview on vegan weightloss with high carb vegan hero Potato Strong, founder of, an excellent source of recipes for weightloss and health with no calorie restriction and amazing taste.

11. An incredible interview with Squeegy Beckenheim, who cured herself of Trigeminal Neuralgia, otherwise known as “the suicide disease” or the world’s most painful neurological condition on a raw vegan diet.

12. Another incredible healing success story on raw food with Natalie Lenka who healed herself from several autoimmune diseases and depression.

13. A Hollywood Love story: Singer Songwriter Renee King-Sonnen fell in love and moved to her husband’s Texas Cattle ranch. Little did she know she would fall in love with the cows on the farm and risk EVERYTHING to save them. A fantastic interview!