Fruitarian Before and After Pics

After 2.5 years of following a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle.

Get ready for many bikini pics.

My weight loss was gradual but at the same time it felt like right away I could notice a big difference. I only lost about 15-20 pounds I believe, starting at about 160 and now at about 140, but that’s a lot for someone who thought it was impossible to lose weight, and more than 2 years later I feel I am continuing to lose, when 95 % of “dieters” have gained all the weight they lost back according to studies. The trick is that this is not a diet as you NEVER need to restrict your calories and can and should eat till completely full, which for me is about 3 times as much as I used to eat:


(when i first started out and did a 1 week high fat/ gourmet raw food trial in February 2013. Soon after I got and read 80/10/10 and began raw till4 . )


(me as a kid. as you can see, I was not naturally thin and always thought of myself as naturally fat)

In fact, I was very in to the fat acceptance movement, before realizing that maybe there actually was a way to lose weight that did not involve dieting, since following a high carb low fat vegan lifestyle you never have to restrict your calories and can eat 4 times the amount most people eat. Since following a high carb diet goes completely against “common sense” and is the exact opposite of what all mainstream weightloss advice recommends, I believe many people have no idea that there is a way to lose weight even though they have tried it all. I would have been the first to say that it was impossible for me to lose weight, yet here I am on the other side.

You can do it. I recommend buying the book The Starch Solution and 80/10/10 by Doug Graham to get started. Personally I recommend trying the starch solution first as it is a lot easier than going raw, but if you have a desire to try raw then do it. There are many amazing things in store for you.

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