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What to Say When Someone Asks You Why You Are a Vegetarian


On a very good vegan blog I read I saw this bag the other day:

Good idea, but I found these reasons extremely annoying.

These seem like bad ways to explain why you are vegan to someone.  It would seem you are just being holier than thou and not giving any truly good reasons.

However, on another great blog, I found this excellent list called “101 Reasons Why I’m a Vegetarian” by Pamela Rice. And this list is amazing!

I for one have always struggled with answering the question “oh so why are you a vegetarian…is it for health reasons or animal rights reasons?”. I never know what’s the best response….. this is a hard question to answer on the spot.

Truly there are 101 reasons to be a vegetarian and the main one is one I can’t really articulate because it just seems so obvious. Killing animals is terrible.

Anyway, I always admire people who can articulate their reasons better than I can. Ingrid Newkirk, head of PETA, is one gal whose responses to questions like this I’ve always admired.

Anyway, thought I’d share this article (it’s great) and hope you find it interesting!

I leave you with this adorable pic of farm animals. The diversity of animals is amazing and I’m sure I could learn so much from each one. Unfortunately I have never gotten to know a cow, pig, sheep or chicken that well, but I’d like to.

LOL. Feeling a bit loopy tonight.

Have a great night!

Fantastic Portraits of Farm Animals - Rob Macinnis

Happy Friday!

Two photos to brighten your day.
sources: (1) vialiivia, and (2) ida pyk — two absolutely gorgeous finnish and swedish blogs, respectively
Happy Friday!
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