Cherry Red Vegan Loafers and Rookie Magazine’s Eye Candy!

I found these cool hybrid vegan red loafers on modcloth.

They are odd!

They remind me of something you would find at a thrift store and would be used in my favorite online mag ROOKIE”s eye candy photo shoots.

Endless entertainment looking at those photos at the link above.

I love how rookie uses normal looking girls, by which I mean all kinds of girls..whoever the photographers friends are usually… and the photo shoots are shot by teen girls. So cool.

They use clothes they have or clothes from thrift stores.

(Another post I wrote on Vegan Loafers here)

Also some cute  animal photos on my facebook page here (MyNonLeatherLife).


facts about me

Hi guys,



have been nominated for an award by a wonderful commenter. I’ve always longed to connect with other bloggers and get one of these awards, and now, through this blog, I have! Someone has awarded me

the beautiful blogger award.

The heart swells with pride. How awesome! Thanks you from the bottom o’ my heart, Amber. I love connecting with other people who happen to be reading this speck of dust in the COSMOS that is my vegan blog.

You have to list 6 random facts about yourself.

I really need to do this anyway since more people are reading the blog than ever before, and liking the blog on facebook where I am posting some maja cute animal vids and animal related news (LIKE MOI!!!) … so I should more properly introduce myself.

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre goes………………………………

Random Fact # 1.

One of my passions in life…besides blogging and observing the animal kingdom…is….POLE DANCING. Yes, you read that right. I have been taking classes at Sheila Kelley’s S Factor for maybe a year and 1/2, and it has changed my life. I go all the time. It is such a wonderful form of creative expression and it has given me the ability to freestlyle dance to express myself whenever I want. It has also allowed me to exercise in a majorly fun way, but it is so much more than that. For some reason pole dancing really changes your mental attitude in so many ways. It taught me to appreciate being a woman, KNOW I am beautiful, and know that I have no need to doubt my inner hotness–whereas before I was quite insecure. I tell everyone I know they should do it—even the men in my life LOL I know pole dancing might still sound controversial to some, but once you try it, you will see how wrong everyone is about it, and like me, you might come to reevaluate what you thought you once knew about how pole dancing is for LOOSE WOMEN and how it is wrong for a woman to have the audacity to be interested in anything remotely sexual..or should I say sensual…. in public… LOVE IT!

Random Fact # 2

I have 6 siblings–5 sisters, and 1 6 year old brother. How adorable. It is great to have so many sisters…and a brother. It seems like a lot, but I wish I had 10 more. The only down side is…there is only so much parental attention to go around. However, this is a trade I would gladly accept again if it were actually offered to me….which it will never be since it has already happened. Mind blown?!!

Random Fact # 3

I have yet another passion in life. And that is blogging on yet another blog. This is my personal blog where I write all about my life…and post PICTURES…thousands of pictures…in picture poems…I call Picture Stories.

Basically they are combinations of photos and captions which express my feelings about life. I have compiled 7 magazines of these Picture Stories which I fittingly call Picture Stories Magazine…and I am so proud of them.

They are gorgeous, and sometimes I like to stare longingly at them wishing I could enter into the pages. I have a facebook page for them HERE which you can like and where you can purchase the mags and also view many photos of the pages in the mag. My magazine is truly a labor of love and has, along with dancing, given me a creative outlet–so important…everyone should have one. Art is a beautiful beautiful thing. So many things to love about it. Oh one thing…beware cause some of the pictures are NSFW! Art is never appropriate…so they say….

Random Fact # 4

Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. Dogs. DOGS.

Dogs were one of my first loves. I had 2 growing up. They would both sleep on my twin bed. How adorable. I think dogs made me understand that animals, like stars, are truly just like US.

They get scared, they love, they have personalities…blah blah blah…so obvious!!!

Dogs are incredible, magical creatures. We should worship them, like the Egyptians worshipped cats.

Random Fact # 5

I am scared of cats. I like them, but never having grown up with them, I don’t understand their violent ways. They bite for fun? They are so unpredictable…I am always on edge with a cat nearby. My friends make fun of me because I know so little about cats. What can I say.

Random Fact # 6

I long to own a business some day. I think entrepreneurs and people who start business are great. So inspiring. If only more people in the world did their own thing, followed their own callings, how many more awesome things would we have in life….so much more awesome. However, I know from personal experience how difficult it is to start a biz. I tried to start a vegan shoe company!!!! and it was very hard and eventually I gave up…or should I say, took a break to come up with a new plan of attack. I will perhaps write a post on that later. SO much respect for people who did it, like all the companies I feature on this blog!

well that’s 6!!!

If there is anything else you would like to know about little old MOI please comment on this post and I will answer….ask away my dearies… I love to be asked questions.

Thanks so much to the beautiful blogger amber for giving me this award. May you blog for a hundred more years.

If you have a blog will you leave a comment with the name of your blog…consider yourself nominated…do this challenging challenge of listing 6 random facts about yourself and send me a link to your blog so I can know who Y’all are!!

Oh yeah…one more thing.