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Vegan Bike and Messenger Bags


I watched this cool video today about Rickshaw Bags, a company who makes really good bags that are made out of recycled bottles. They make all their bags out of rectangular pieces of fabric so that not a single scrap of fabric is wasted. In this video (from, a cool site that features companies and products that are doing some good in the world) they explain that usually when people make clothing or bags or even shoes…it’s like cutting out cookies with cookie cutters…there are a lot of extra scraps that you can’t use…and can’t eat. So this company gets around this problem in a very creative way so that not a single piece of fabric is wasted. A pretty brilliant idea.

Sometimes ecofriendly products are so ugly looking. But these look great in my opinion. Plus their company seems like such an inspiring place. They are making great products, but at the same time they are only helping people and the planet, by giving their customers beautiful useful products, their employees jobs, recycling plastic bottles, not harming animals by using leather, and not creating any waste with unused fabric which probably adds up.

A very inspiring company.

What do you think of these bike bags?