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Ballet Flats: Throughout History, and The Best Vegan Ones on the Market

Supposedly a ballet flat is a very important shoe to own. I personally don’t own any, but there have been many times I wished I did. The problem is there are usually never any good vegan ones.

Ballet flats are very practical. They are a flat shoe, so they’re easy to walk in, and yet also they are extremely chic. They call to mind Audrey Hepburn, Briggite Bardot, Sophia Loren, Elizabeth Taylor, and other glamorous movie stars from yesteryear.

I’d like to do a post sharing some of those iconic photos of these glamorous women wearing these simple flat shoes to show everyone how a ballet flat was classically worn. I’d also like to share the perfect vegan ballet flat I’ve found, available for purchase online or at your local old navy.

These are the best looking vegan ballet flats I’ve seen. They have great reviews online too, are very inexpensive ($21.50) , and come in many colors.

available here.

And now onto our history lesson.

The first person one thinks of when one hears ballet flat is Audrey Hepburn. Why? She only wore flats, and she looked amazing.

You gotta love her! She never looks like she is trying to impress anyone in unwalkable high heels. She puts her own comfort first and foremost, while still looking amazing. How DOES she do that?

Here is some inspiration for how one can as they say in fashion magazines “get the look”! This girl is doing a fantastic job. As we learn from Hepburn, ballet flats are great to wear with capris.

Another iconic ballet flat wearer, was a laid back girl from St. Trpoez, and a hero in the animal rights movement–none other than Brigitte Bardot. Let us study some images:

She looks amazing!

My dear animal loving readers, was this post helpful to you? Do you have a better sense of how ballet flats were worn throughout history? What do you think of Ballet Flats? Do you like these Old Navy ones, or do you prefer a more embellished style? I prefer the classic look of the ballet flats worn by these old movie stars.


Vegan Chelsea Boots, and The History of Chelsea Boots

Yonder Bootie from

Distressed faux leather upper; rubber sole

in gray and black


These boots are known as chelsea boots. A little history lesson for you all from wikipedia:

Chelsea Boots (also known as dealer boots) are tight-fitting, ankle-high boots that originated in the Victorian era, and were originally associated with horse riding. The most notable feature of the Chelsea boot is its elastic siding, running from the heel to the top of the shoe. The design began as a type of riding boots known as paddock boots or jodhpur boots. Chelsea boots were considered an element of the 1960s mod scene, and they have recently become in fashion again amongst men as well as women. Similar boots are the heavier Australian work boots such as those made by Blundstone, which are popular in Australia.

The popular Australian Blundstone boot, known as Blundies.

A similar style was also known as Beatle Boots, since they were popularized by The Beatles, and these shoes were extremely popular with the “mod” crowd in London in the 60s.

I first learned about the Beatle Boot, and the historic importance of the Chelsea Boot in a great book I got at Urban Outfitters called Fifty Shoes That Changed the World. A surprisingly great read! You will learn all about the different types of shoes and their historic significance.

By the way,, a site I remembered from my youth and on a whim decided to check out again, has a surprisingly large selection of trendy “unintentionally vegan” shoes. If you are looking for a going out shoe, you will find one here. Five inch heels abound! I have added to my Vegan Shoe Shopping Guide at the top of my website, so feel free to check that out if you haven’t already.