Keep Shoes for Men and Women Vegetarians

The Shaheen

Honey Brown Suede


Buy at Mooshoes.com or Keepcompany.com

The Keep is a really cool sneaker company. All their shoes are vegan.

There are some really cool looking colorful sneakers in very surprising color combinations on the site, but I guess this classic traditional looking shoe made out of suede microfiber (a synthetic vegan material) is the one I would  like to buy. This is a great shoe for men and women.

This shoe would be great for vegan guys as a dressier shoe:

The Dorian

Honey Brown Suede Microfiber

$ 75


Fabulous Vegan Faux Leather Jackets and What to Wear to Be a Bad Girl

Ain't Playin' Games Jacket


Ain’t Playin’ Games Jacket

“buttery, black faux leather”


The Best Deception Jacket

The Best Deception Jacket

The Best Deception Jacket



“vegan friendly materials”

Currently out of stock but you can sign up to be alerted when it comes back in like I am.

Modcloth.com has some pretty awesome stuff, and I am a huge fan of so many things about their company– their blog, how much they interact with and love fashion blogs, how they like vintage fashions and their creative approach to fashion, how they at least make an effort to identify “vegan friendly” fashions, how easy their site is to use… I could go on and on.

These are two pretty cool leather jackets they have for sale right now. I love the one with the grey hoodie. I like how these fake leather jackets can give you that tough, Grease lightning look.

I used to be a daily reader of Molly Young’s blog Magicmolly.tumblr.com which it seems she has recently deleted!! no!

I saved one post in my googlereader though that captures the essence of a leather jacket that needs to be reblogged here:

How to be  a Bad Girl

Leather jacket, crucifix earring, backward baseball cap

lol. It’s probably somehow tongue in cheek but I like the picture. If only I could find a clip-on crucifix earing (no pierced ears) to wear with my FAUX leather jacket, I guess I would truly be a Badass!

Till next time.

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