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A Green Vegan Pebbled Leather Bag from Urban Outfitters

$ 48
* Polyurethane, mixed metal
This is a cool grown up bag that has recently gone on sale at Urban Outfitters. It is made of pebbled faux leather, which I think is the best faux leather there is. I love the feel of pebbled leather.
There are many other very good options for purses and bags made with no leather on Urbanoutfitters. It is really a mix of ones made with leather and ones that are vegan friendly, but if you click around you might seem some great options that suit you.
I’ve seen these bags in real life at the Urban Outfitters store, and to me it feels impossible to tell these aren’t leather. Which is pretty amazing if you think about it. All the more reason why we don’t need real leather.
Agree or disagree?
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An Awesome vintage inspired bag from Urban Oufitters

Polyurethane, mixed metal (no leather)


Comes in Black, Red and Brown

This is an awesome bag because it seems to be an exact replica of a 1940s English school satchel. So cool. So full of history!
1940s English school supplies.
This bag was featured prominently in the film An Education, which I thought was pretty bad though I agreed with everyone that the outfits in it were great.
Carey Mulligan in An Education. Note the bag!
One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Lulu Letty, who loves old fashioned menswear inspired looks has been wearing this bag in almost all her recent outfits.
Well if that doesn’t inspire you…how about imagining Harry Potter himself carrying a bag like this. Hermione’s books would never fit in it. Well….
What think you of this vintage inspired look? I guess it can be from the 40s or the 1960s (the time when An Education was set) and beyond.