An Awesome vintage inspired bag from Urban Oufitters

Polyurethane, mixed metal (no leather)


Comes in Black, Red and Brown

This is an awesome bag because it seems to be an exact replica of a 1940s English school satchel. So cool. So full of history!
1940s English school supplies.
This bag was featured prominently in the film An Education, which I thought was pretty bad though I agreed with everyone that the outfits in it were great.
Carey Mulligan in An Education. Note the bag!
One of my favorite fashion bloggers, Lulu Letty, who loves old fashioned menswear inspired looks has been wearing this bag in almost all her recent outfits.
Well if that doesn’t inspire you…how about imagining Harry Potter himself carrying a bag like this. Hermione’s books would never fit in it. Well….
What think you of this vintage inspired look? I guess it can be from the 40s or the 1960s (the time when An Education was set) and beyond.

Non Leather Bags from American Eagle Outfitters for Vegetarians and Vegans

Well, personally I like the look of old fashioned things. I have always admired old fashioned traditional leather bags. Recently I have come across some pretty awesome ones made without leather from a surprising source.

These can be found on American Eagle Oufitters, a store which I used to love but has recently really turned me off with their tacky clothes. But they have some excellent bags right now that look ideal.

AE Messenger Bag (buy here)


Faux leather construction

This bag comes in five colors, but I am loving these very traditional brown looks. Probably because I have always wanted to wear a real leather bag like this, but never allowed myself to sport leather. I find this price extremely cheap for a bag like this.

AE Buckle Crossbody Bag

Faux Leather


This bag is getting mixed reviews on the site, and I always am dramatically swayed by bad reviews, but one person loved it, and I think it looks great. It also comes in brown.

AE Zipper Pocket Hobo


“Supple Faux Leather”

This bag got great reviews, and seems pretty nice looking, though it is a little too trendy for me. But it looks very stylish, and might be excellent when being fashionable is necessary.

AE Zipper Hobo


“supple faux leather”

This one looks good too.

Strangely enough the other bags on AE seem to use real leather in their straps and such. Why?! But luckily these are the prettiest bags in the category marked bags.

Let me know what you think about these bags. Do you like them? Are they your style? I love comments so please introduce yourself if you find this post!