Fruitarianism: The Path to Paradise: My Experience With Trying to Go Fully Raw from Raw till 4

Hello everyone,

How are you?

I am tinkering with my diet again, trying to be fully raw.

I feel really great being fully raw, but there are a lot of challenges you have to live to understand.

For example:

you buy fruit, and it goes rotten.

You buy a great fruit meal, and it tastes like chemicals, and you’re left fruitless.

The only fruit you want to eat is figs and there are no figs around you.

You buy a jackfruit in the grocery store and are so excited to try it. Then you have to carry it home. (SOOOOO heavy).

Your friends beg you to go out to diner with them. Oh the horror.

It’s tough but it’s worth it.

When I started this last summer, things were a lot more stressful.

Now that I’m giving it a good second attempt, after doing a raw till 4 (not perfect until a couple months ago), things are so much easier.

I now feel like I’ve experienced noticeable enough effects that it is not hard to choose the benefits over the problems of the diet.

Like I have noticeably way more energy.

I usually hate to walk, but when I eat fully raw I don’t mind walking, in fact I enjoy it.

Also looks wise, it’s a dream. You start looking soo good! I love it.

Also you feel so healthy and so connected to summer…you feel so pure, like a juicy ripe peach yourself. Mmmm.

Also when I am fully raw, I enjoy the tastes of salads. And I feel like those minerals in the greens really help me.

But it’s still really a struggle sometimes.

Like today, I was doing great, until I just NEEDED something savory. I couldn’t think, I just ate (luckily high carb low fat vegan still).

That’s a big problem with being fully raw. You have to be prepared or your body will just take over like a zombie and drive you to EAT. But in a way, I have come to respect that. The body won’t let you starve itself. Even for a second. It’s got your back. I appreciate that. I hate the concept of starving yourself to lose weight, especially after so many dieting attempts in my sad dieting past. I don’t want the body to let anyone ever starve themselves again. So I am glad it makes you emotionally eat and all that.

Anyway, I was watching some fruitarian gossip-y reality tv, and The Fruitarian was saying Fruitarianism and Veganism too, because I think Veganism eventually will lead to fruitarianism, —Fruitarianism is the path to paradise.

Because eventually you will leave the city to move to a tropical paradise like Hawaii in search of better quality fruit.

Ever since I became vegan, that’s my dream! I see myself living somewhere by the ocean, being fully raw. I want to help animals too. But I think now fruitarianism is another way you can help animals. When people see how much you can change for the better when we eat our natural diet, which does not include animals, i.e. a vegan diet, they will be amazed and perhaps extremely motivated to become vegan for good.

Maybe we can come at veganism from a different angle…and appeal to people’s vanity and self interest in feeling their best. Then maybe we can hit them with a one two punch with some slaughterhouse footage and seal the deal. I don’t know.

Anyway, just thought I’d give a little update.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer.

I think I am going to go the Woodstock Fruit Festival. Is anyone else thinking of going?


A Summer Solstice Dream about Freeing the Pigs and a Very Dangerous Idea

Happy first day of summer everyone.

Today while browsing on Toronto Pig Save’s Facebook group, I found this beautiful and touching fragment from the head of the group, Anita Krajnc.

“Today I dreamed that a transport truck had sick pigs and had to return to the farm and I let the pigs out of the ‘barn’ and created an opening in the fence. I had plans to give them a bath too”

Isn’t there something very beautiful about her dream.

It makes me tear up honestly.

One of the things that made me open my eyes to veganism is watching a must watch vid of Anita confronting the workers at now shut down Quality Meat Packers.

It stunned me really to see heroism like that.

You don’t see that that much.

Anyway, this summer solstice dream about freeing the pigs has me thinking about an idea that has been forming in my head since reading the awesome The World Peace Diet by Will Tuttle.

At first I thought this book was going to be like new age hippie pseudo science whatever. NO. It’s actually one of the most interesting books I may have ever read. So many cool ideas. Very radical ideas too but they make sense.

One of the main ideas in it is we used to be a very different kind of culture.

We used to live in fertile valleys, and we only ate plants.

I like to envision we were fruitarians with perfect glowing health and fitness, or maybe we were high carb vegans, and ate delicious rice bowls all the time.

Have you heard of the goddess cults? In those days, god was a woman, (I have this book When God Was a Woman about it) and we worshipped women and femininity and softness and the magic they possessed to bring new life into the world.

I like to envision a lot of pagan rituals and like children running through wheat fields as tall as their hands by the banks of the river and ribbons in the hair and dancing by the light of the moon and all that.

Ok, but then this awesome culture was invaded by a violent people. Yes, you will never believe it, these violent people were shepherds. The seemingly peaceful guardians of sheep.

But the fact is they killed the sheep. They started herding wild animals and one by one killing them off. Tuttle says this made them violent and these violent people overthrew the peaceful plant eating cultures and started instating new values like violence and domination of women and stuff like that.

He thinks their violent mentality was caused by killing animals.

And this herding culture is the same culture we live in today, except the herds are out of sight in factory farms.

But because we still eat animals, the violence and violent mentality still pervades our life.

I mean it sounds crazy, but it kind of makes sense.

He says we worship violence in our culture instead of life.

It makes me think of how a PG-13 movie can have tons of graphic violence and death but put sex in a movie and it gets a Nc-17.

Ok you got to read the book.

But it is interesting because ever since becoming vegan, which is really becoming aware of other LIFE on our planet, I have just had these dreams, visions, flashes of yearning, to go back to the fields and live closer to nature.

Almost like I was remembering this goddess worshipping fruit eating fertile valley living culture from ancient times.

I don’t like watching violent movies anymore. I don’t like the city. I want to eat only plants, I want to go fully raw. I want to swim in the ocean and be in water. I want to wear like nothing and go swimming.


This is what being vegan did to me.

This is what Toronto Pig Save did for me.

For everyone to go vegan it would mean more than just meat was gone from the supermarkets.

It would be a huge shift. It would change our entire culture and return us to something ancient.

Replacing violence and domination with life. Freeing the pigs.

Letting all life live harmoniously. Letting us be frugivores and experience peak health.

Letting the animals raise their own children.

I think this is what they call a dangerous idea.

Happy Summer Solstice to everyone.