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A Never Before Seen Site for Inexpensive Vegan Shoes, and the Debate Rages On: Does Buying Unintentional Vegan Shoes Make A Difference?

Elizabeth Olsen, passionate outspoken supporter of Veganism and founder of vegan shoe company Olsen Haus

The more you look, the more you find.

The more I’ve been searching the web for vegan shoes, the more places I find that sell vegan shoes. Unfortunately these sites do not come up immediately in google search listings! Get with the program google!

Never fear though, that’s why you have me as your guide to vegan shoes.

Tonight I have a true jackpot for you. The site has a vegan section and they truly have the best selection of Vegan shoes I have seen on the web. Miles better than, and very inexpensive too. However there is a crucial difference between this site and mooshooes that I have been giving some thought to lately.

The shoes which I feature I have begun to call “unintentionally vegan”. This means the companies who produce them do not care in the slightest about animal rights or producing vegan shoes. They might make one “unintentionally vegan” shoe made out of all man made materials because that’s the material that worked best for it, or that’s what the factory decided to use, or it was cheapest that way, and they wanted to make an inexpensive shoe. On the other hand, when you buy from a company featured on, you can be much more sure that your dollars are doing some good in the world, supporting companies that truly understand the cause and are in existence to educate people about such an important issue.

However, I think that buying “unintentionally vegan” shoes is fine. At least, you are making a stand and increasing people’s awareness that there is no need to buy shoes made out of leather. However, this topic of true vegan shoes is a very debatable issue, and I would love to hear from you. In the meantime, visit ‘s vegan section.

What do you think about buying “unintentionally vegan” shoe vs. shoes made by people who are committed to ONLY selling vegan shoes and promoting the cause of vegetarianism? I would love to hear your thoughts. Does it matter to you? Do you think buying “unintentionally vegan shoes” makes a difference as well?  Comment in the comments, and I will get back to you.