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My Secret Fruitarian Beauty Elixir Brew

Hi guys,

So since I last posted about raw vegans and 80/10/10-ers on instagram, I  have found even more amazing fruit inspiration on instagram.

It has really inspired me to beautify my life in all ways. If you follow some of the people I listed in my last post (updated), they will recommend others for you to follow and soon you will be enmeshed in this amazing community of people who make truly beautiful food and inspire you to eat the food that is packed with the most vitamins and minerals i.e. fruits and vegetables.

Speaking of beauty, I wanted to share a, I think, little known secret in the world that I’ve discovered as a result of trying to be raw vegan.

Your looks will noticeably improve.

You don’t have to wear makeup, work out, drink 8 glasses of water a day, get plastic surgery.

Honestly, all you really have to do is eat a ridiculous amount of bananas. Or another fruit of your choice.

I know it sounds crazy.

Every time I have made an effort to eat a LOT of fruits and vegetables for a day or two (sometimes I’m more lax), I have had the same experience.

I will look up at myself in the mirror as I am casually brushing my teeth, and I will RRRRRRRRrrrrr

do a double take.

I’ll be like, “does my face look different?” And I will zoom in for a closer look. I look good. Very good.

I will then ask my mom, “does my face look different?” And she will say “I can’t tell, but you are looking very glamorous these days,” or “you look tan though” or something like that, haha.

But I can tell.

It’s like your face looks like you have makeup on when you don’t. But better than makeup. Your skin looks more tan, (maybe because the redness dissapears). Your skin looks more youthful, your lips look pinker, and eyes brighter.

I’m not kidding.

I’m not alone in finding this, almost all raw food-ists I think can attest to this. You can see in their transformation photos as well that after doing it for a year or two, they often look like a decade younger. So just a tip in case you decide you need a secret beauty weapon of sorts.

(gotta love the book 80/10/10 by Dr. Doug Graham lol)

Ok here is my failproof recipe for making sure this happens. I’m sure you can achieve it other ways and with other fruits, but bananas are the cheapest (5 for $1 here in NYC) and the easiest to find and I think, the most delicious and easiest to drink.

I feel like an old witch who has the ability to transform herself into a young and beautiful sorceress with this secret potion.

(Vanessa, the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid)

Anyway, brew this up and drink this in the morning for two days. That’s my tip.

My Secret Weapon Beauty Elixir

1. Obtain 7-12 bananas that look like this.


Make sure they are spotted brown. It will make the smoothie taste like caramel and cinnamon. (Non spotty bananas aren’t truly ripe and do not have the powers of truly ripe bananas)

2. Put all the bananas in a vitamix or blender.

3. Fill the bottom with lots of water, about 3 cups, or enough to make the potion milky white instead of yellow when you blend it.

4. Add a tray of ice or 2 handfuls of ice cubes.

5. Blend on high till milky white and frothing with bubbles.

6. Drink it all and report back in two days.

Let me know how it goes!!!


Dreamy Dreams: Animal Sanctuaries and King Arthur’s Court

Hello Guys,

Recently I have been dreaming about the countryside.

I have been dreaming about owning an animal sanctuary with my future significant other and maybe even giving pole dancing lessons to women on the side that would teach them about their own unique power and beauty.

I went to the house I grew up in in the country the other day. It was sooo beautiful. I don’t think I am a city person at heart.

I saw the stars for about the first time in a year.

I saw maybe 5 shooting stars.

There were plants in the windows at night and dark plants from the forest and the bushes and the grass all around.

The crickets were singing. It was like these thick waves of sound coming from deep in the forest.

I don’t hear any crickets in nyc.

I really have a desire to be around animals. Dogs. Pigs.

I feel a bit out there saying it, but I want to know what pigs are like.

I think I mentioned on this blog before, that I went to this place called The Mountain School in Vermont for a semester my junior year in high school. They had animals there that they raised…for meat. Horrors.

They had pigs there.

The pigs were enormous and I was scared of them. They were so big it was like they could run you over and you didn’t know what they would do.

I avoided their tiny stall. But I was really curious about those pigs.

Back then, I was a vegetarian but I had not “SEEN THE GHOSTS” with my own eyes. I did not feel a sense of outrage that the pigs were being killed, and that the turkeys I was in charge of for a few weeks would be killed too.

It was so hidden from our view.

They slaughtered the chickens in front of us though. It was shocking. But I kind of felt numb. At first I was horrified but then the feeling faded. I guess I just thought I couldn’t stop it. I must have rationalized it like it will be over quick. So I just looked away.

I wish I had done something like this though. Check out Anita Krajnc standing up for the pigs in the trucks. A video you won’t soon forget and a true example of heroism against an seemingly unstoppable killing machine (the chickens were being slaughtered in this mobile slaughtering contraption).

I have been thinking about this a lot. What is the missing link. The Link that allows you to SEE THE GHOSTS. Is it just bearing witness like Anita says? Is it that simple?

If so, wow.

Back then, I had less respect for life.

I had less ideals.

King Arthur’s court was all about the ideals of chivalry and nobility and truth and goodness and gentleness…and chastity? OK… sure.

An animal sanctuary kind of reminds me of King Arthur’s court.


A sanctuary is kind of a round fenced in court of those ideals.

Out of those fences…the world doesn’t respect these ideals. They don’t respect things that are as gentle and noble and unable to fight back as farm animals

….like the chickens.

Jenny brown creator of woodstock animal sanctuary describes in Her book The Lucky Ones how she often envisions a protective dime over her farm and her husband where all is right with the world.

from Jenny Brown’s book The Lucky Ones about Woodstock Animal Sanctuary

Inside that “protective bubble”, a dome of happiness and goodness… things are different.

I’ve never even been to a sanctuary! As I said, my goal is before the summer ends. I think I’m going next weekend.

Have any of you guys ever dreamed about owning an animal sanctuary or been to one? What do you think is THE KEY to “seeing the ghosts”, the missing link that stops people from “getting it”. Is it as simple as Bearing Witness?