Cherry Red Vegan Loafers and Rookie Magazine’s Eye Candy!

I found these cool hybrid vegan red loafers on modcloth.

They are odd!

They remind me of something you would find at a thrift store and would be used in my favorite online mag ROOKIE”s eye candy photo shoots.

Endless entertainment looking at those photos at the link above.

I love how rookie uses normal looking girls, by which I mean all kinds of girls..whoever the photographers friends are usually… and the photo shoots are shot by teen girls. So cool.

They use clothes they have or clothes from thrift stores.

(Another post I wrote on Vegan Loafers here)

Also some cute  animal photos on my facebook page here (MyNonLeatherLife).


Riding Boots, Vogue Magazine, and the Love Story of Linda and Paul McCartney

A vegan shoe update for you.

American Eagle has a lot of non leather riding boots out right now. I do not have a pair of riding boots, but always wanted one.

I really like this one.,1254&fit=crop&qlt=70,0

These vegan riding boots can be found by clicking the aforementioned words “vegan riding boots”.

I think I will try these on in the store as they are receiving mixed reviews, but look  quite cool!

These boots remind me of how in college while awaiting my classes I liked to go to the library and read Gourmet magazine and Vogue.

In vogue, they would always have some socialite or movie star with an incredible house in the English country side with a bunch of riding boots lined up in the mud room.

(stella mccartney’s english contryside house)

They would frolic through the scottish heaths, the English moors, the Welsh Dales or what have you, and …probably go hunting…though i hope not.

It reminds me of the pictures I have seen around of none other than Paul and Linda McCartney.

Linda Mccartney was a photographer and I have heard though never from another source, that Linda, like so many hundreds of thousands of girls of her generation, LOVED Paul McCartney. The way I heard it she loved him so much that he just felt it…and in kind of a “the secret” like way, he felt it and married her. How Romantic.

From reading Pamela Des Barres, “I’m with the Band” I understand the magnitude of catching PAUL MCCARTNEY. The cutest of the most desirable men on earth at that time.

She turned him vegetarian and made him a huge supporter of animal rights causes. They lived on a farm in Scotland with lots of animals and raised their children together. He taught her to play keyboard and they started a band together.

Dreamy much?

She tragically died at 56 of breast cancer. She was a huge animal rights activist until the end even inquiring if the drugs she was given in the hospital were tested on animals.

I hear this book “Linda McCartney: Life in Photographs” is beautiful and I WANT it.

What a love story.