where to find vegan shoes

How to Find Vegan Shoes on Amazon

I recently shared with you a tip for finding vegan shoes: search vegan shoes on amazon.

However, I’ve been discovering that “vegan shoes” can only take you so far on amazon. If the title or description of the shoe does not include the word “vegan shoe” then certain shoes made of all animal friendly materials will not be listed. I had to click around in the “items that look like this one” and people who viewed this one also viewd” sections to find more undiscovered vegan shoes.

Finally it seems I have hit on a great way of finding amazing vegan shoes on amazon. Simply search for the leading brands of vegan shoes and WOW, you will find more vegan shoes than you ever knew existed from looking at mooshoes.com (if that’s the site you frequented most–like I did) and for heavily discounted prices.

To make things easier for you, I’ve linked to the top brands of designer vegan shoes. Have fun!

Cri de Coeur shoes on amazon. (There are 63 shoes listed)

Beyond Skin shoes on amazon (49 shoes listed)

Olsen Haus on amazon (55 shoes listed)

Let me know what you think? Which brand is your favorite? Comment below!