Time for a life update:

Well, I’m still vegan. More hardcore than ever, really, and getting more hardcore by the day.

It’s amazing how veganism seeps deeper and deeper into your mind and all of a sudden, you literally see your friends carving up bloody limbs and laughing like zombies while they eat baby lambs.

I try to be an activist by posting comments on social media and putting in a good word for veganism wherever I go.

As a vegan you learn what brainwashing is all about. It’s crazy how hard it is to get us to snap out of it.

Maybe I’ve watched too much Gary Yourofsky, but I see humans differently now. I am not a 100% misanthrope yet, but I’m no longer a fan of human nature. Sometimes I am really scared of us.


I’ve been watching a lot of vegan youtube.

Freelee, durianrider, vegan gains. I feel like vegan gains is going to get himself killed. That is one brave dude.

I’ve been biking around everywhere. Durianrider convinced me to “burn fat, not oil” and bike everywhere for exercise.

After experimenting with eating more starches and less fruit, I am back to raw till 4 (I started back up). I was still eating a lot of fruit before, but not as much. I missed the fruity glow. I missed the spring in my step and the youthful heavenly beauty benefits.


My weight *basically* stayed the same when I went more starch based…or so I thought until I got a scale to start tracking my weight. BAD IDEA. But it did make me realize I gained a little back with more starches (as in like 5 pounds), but I dk, it might be muscle from my night job. Who knows.


Yay for the power of fruits and vegetables.

I got a job pole dancing at a club, as I mentioned before. It’s so much fun. I love the job. I feel like I have learned so much about confidence from it and gotten over so many of my social anxiety type fears. Also it’s really fun performing.

I feel it’s so important in life to follow your dreams no matter how crazy they may seem. Have faith it will make you way way happier.


hope you have a great day




  1. Olivia says:

    I think I might have watched to much vegan youtubers as well, because I’m not the biggest fan of human nature either anymore haha. I’ve never felt better since going vegan though! x

    Olivia |

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