PETA’s Shock Tactics and Some Fun Pics of Scandolous Vegans,%20TX-%203.JPG

Hi guys,

What do you all think about PETA?

I think they are great. I love their attention getting ploys. I find them hilarious and truly attention getting, which is the point. I love that they care enough to do what it takes to expose people in the street to vegetarianism and veganism. They shock people out of their complacency, similar, in fact, to Socrates of ye olde Ancient Greece.

They called Socrates “the Gadfly” because he was constantly, annoyingly, stinging people out of their old ways of thinking and routines and forcing them, with his intrusive questions as they tried to go about their business in the agora, to stop and think about how they were living their lives.

He eventually was put on trial and put to death for this, because people hated to be stopped to think. They wanted to go about their lives, eating bacon, eating Christmas ham, Thanksgiving turkey, the Pesach Lamb, Mcdonalds, KFC , wearing their fabulous fur and awesome leather boots, carrying their designer handbags, and eating their boneless chicken breast and the like.

Indeed! Peta is the gadfly of the animal rights world.

I love looking at their campaigns in which they employ attractive women to stop men in their tracks and get them thinking about vegetarianism.

Peta made this statement when they launched a XXX website this June about their unusual methods:

PETA’s mission is to put an end to animal suffering, and we use every available opportunity to spread this message we always have, and we always will. Unfortunately, this is not always an easy task. Unlike our opposition, which is mostly made up of wealthy industries and corporations, PETA must rely on getting free “advertising” through media coverage.
It’s a safe bet that many visitors to didn’t set out to learn about how animals are mercilessly slaughtered on today’s factory farms; understandably, such topics are convenient to ignore. That’s why PETA must make our message impossible to forget—and launching a website with a .xxx domain name is one way that we can achieve that goal.
But I know a lot of animal lovers who hate their methods… Your thoughts?

Whilst looking for pictures of their campaigns online, I saw they had a girl on girl world tour in which two girls in valentine’s day bikinis lay on a bed kissing and scandalizing the neighborhood. HA!

And now,

Enjoy or perhaps be annoyed by, some pictures of some memorable PETA campaigns below:

Costume win!


Classic Vegan Sandals in the style of Gwyneth from the Talented Mr. Ripley

American Eagle has some good vegan sandals right now. In my opinion, the classic look of these makes them the best, or I should just say, my favorite.

These are 100% polyurethane, and $29.50.

Am I letting my imagination run away with me by saying this reminds me of something Gwyneth would have worn in The Talented Mr. Ripley, a movie where the first half is the only half worth watching. It gets too scary for me.

Let’s just go with this thought for a little…. Indulge me while I look at some pics from this gorgeous movie.

The Talented Mr Ripley Movie