Stylish Vegan Victorian-esque Rain Booties


Loeffler Randall rain booties


Loeffler Randal Rain boots. I would like some. In NYC they are actually very necessary because puddles can collect in the street that are deceptively deep. These are very cool looking. I found them via this vegan shoe blog run by a very likable seeming blogger. They appear to be all rubber, $165 , and can be bought at Barneys if you live in NYC or buy them online at zappos here. They also come in an army like green.

I like clothes that have a bit of a costume-y aspect to them. These remind me of a Bronte playing with her sisters on the heath or the moors.

Haworth: the Bronte Family Home. I love that graveyard in front of it! Spooky.

A picture of the Yorkshire moors like where the Brontes lived.


Modcloth Vegan Victorian Winter Boot

Lady of the Estate Boot

Lady of the Estate Boot

Lady of the Estate Boot


vegan-friendly boots in obsidian black

These are new at modcloth today, and I think they are great. They have a very victorian look to them, which I love. Modcloth always says “vegan friendly” and though it is hard to know exactly what that means, these boots look like they are made of a canvas like material and probably have rubber soles.