A Vegan Jacket for Cool Riders

That's the Way Love Goes Jacket in Musician

That's the Way Love Goes Jacket in Musician

A Pink Ladies Jacket from Modcloth.

Ladies?? Modcloth describes it as “vegan friendly” and for $59.99, you know this has got to be made with fake leather. This jacket reminds me of one of my favorite movies as a child: Grease! Wearing this jacket I would feel like a member of the exclusive clique The Pink Ladies.

While Grease 1 is a classic, in my upfront and personal opinion, I prefer Grease 2. Cooler girl, hotter guy!

“If you really want to know, what I want in a guy, well I’m looking for a dream on a mean machine, with hell in his eyes”.

And yes, that was from memory…

For old time’s sake, and for the best way to get the FEEL of this jacket, let me remind you of a classic song:



Vegan Winter Knee Length Boots from Modcloth

On the Up and Up Boot


“sleek black faux leather”

Out of stock on Modcloth, but they are always getting stuff back in stock so sign up for their alert.


These are the winter boots that I would like to buy. I like the look of knee high boots, but can’t be walking around all day in heels. These remind me of Robin Hood or a pirate.

Although that all sounds very halloween costume-y, at least they don’t look like this:

seven league boots-lol!