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Vegan Thigh Highs, Goldmember Heels, A New Unintentionally Vegan Shoe Resource, and Musings on Birthdays and the Passing of Time

I found a great site for unintentionally vegan shoes– Urbanog. Weird name, but it seems like all of the shoes on their site are vegan and made with man made materials (let me know if you find this isn’t true). They have a huge selection, and the some of the shoes are pretty cool. Definitely better than a lot of the cheap vegan shoe online retailers I’ve come across. Check it out, if you are in need of some type of vegan shoes. I will add this to my article “where to find cool vegan shoes online“.

I was looking for some thigh high boots. I am tall, so I have some tall boots, but they only go up to my knees. I wear black legging like pants basically every day, and a great shoe to wear over them, I think, would be black knee high/thigh high vegan boots.

I like these. Not that tall, but getting there.

I like these also.

These aren’t boots, but I thought they were pretty cool. They look better on the model,  if you click on the link–I just couldn’t find a good pic of them.

vegan heels

These are pretty cool, too. Very Goldfinger, or GoldMember.

They come in black too.

Remember Beyonce in GoldMember?

Just for old time’s sake!

In other news, I am having a birthday party on Saturday. And I’m calling it a vegan birthday brunch. I am really excited about it! I made fancy invites on paperlesspost, and am getting 40 balloons in pink, purple and yellow, pink and purple streamers, party hats…I am cutting out a pic of each guest and putting them on the hats…I am having vegan appetizers served on silver platters by my sister. Best of all, I am having it catered by Blossom du Jour, with their amazing favorites being the Burrito Grande and the avocado fake chicken sandwich. I already want to plan like 10 more parties.

So excited. For the past couple of years I have really hated my birthday. I felt like I was getting older, and didn’t have any better clue what I wanted to do with my life. Then the other day I remembered turning 10, and having the same feelings. AS I turned ten I remember sitting under the piano reflecting on getting older. And now I’m so much older. It makes me realize that instead of agonizing over the inevitable passing of time, the only thing to do is celebrate the time we have left. Don’t consciously make yourself upset, simply seize the opportunity to make this birthday a happy day, and one to remember for the ages.

How I used to celebrate…NOT A GOOD IDEA!!

Your thoughts? Do you have any tips for entertaining? I’m really out of practice.

TTYS all. have a great Thursday!


My Non Leather Life T-Shirts and Visions of a Vegan Lifestyle Brand


A dream I have is to have my own vegan lifestyle brand. A la Martha Stewart.

Of course, everything would be animal cruelty free. There would be no leather, wool, suede, rich calfskin linings, fur trimmings etc. Everything would be fake.

One thing I love is the aesthetics of different companies. Some companies want to be all high fashion, and others are inspired by things like old movies.

Some companies are loud and proudly vegan, preferring to shout the truth about what is happening to animals from the rooftops (OlsenHaus comes to mind). Others prefer to simply present a non leather option with a more subtle animal rights message (Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather comes to mind).

What would my imagined company do? I think I would try to make a brand centered around the fabulous lifestyle of the most well equipped vegan ever–by that I mean, a vegan who never needs to hunt on the internet for cool shoes and what not. Oh no, she has it all already. She has every non leather item you could ever want.

What kind of girl is she? She is a very old fashioned, romantic soul. She lives alone, or perhaps she is married, or perhaps she has several BEAUX, who bring her fresh flowers.

She has a vintage car, and she lives on a farm, a vegan farm though. Maybe this farm grows sprouts or micro greens. She has a big greenhouse full of tropical plants which she collects on fabulous plant hunting and preservation vacations. She has a lavish bed full of DOWN-FREE comforters and pillows. A pair of tan non leather driving gloves lies by her bed side table.

She has a closet of non leather shoes. She has a cool fake leather jacket that looks like she found it in a thrift store. She has faux leather pants for when she needs to impress say, Prince.

She has hats, many hats–but with no wool in them. She has floral couches, with no leather trim. Even her car–the seats are upholstered with faux blue leather.

She likes to fashion herself after a gibson girl, lucy honeychurch from a Room With a View,

a pre-raphelite painting. She wears a golden circlet and flowers clipped to all her shoes.


A little fantasy for today.

Oh, and I made t-shirts!! Comment below if you would like to acquire one.