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Does Raw till 4 Work for Weight Loss? For Me it Did

Hi guys,

Wanted to give a little update about my weight loss.

It’s kind of shocking to me and also a little confusing. I was a person who thought I would never lose any weight. I had tried so many things in the past.

It reminds me of something Doug Graham (author of 80/10/10) said at one of his lectures at the Woodstock Fruit Festival. He joked that the alternate title he was considering for 80/10/10 was “Because Nothing Else Works”.

He was like, “But seriously, how many of you guys tried vegetarian? (yes) vegan? (yes) high fat raw? (yes) raw till 4? (yes)…”

He was like, if they worked for you, and got you the results you wanted, you wouldn’t have done 80/10/10. He was like, believe me, the only reason I do 80/10/10 is because it works. I like bread as much as the next guy.

I had to agree, I myself had gone through all those stages and had to agree that for weight loss, energy, fitness, 80/10/10 is the best.  I think raw till 4 (which is what I’m back to doing) is still very good and perhaps a lot more sustainable, but 80/10/10 gets you it all, if you can do it.

Anyway, even being raw till 4, which is basically doing 80/10/10 correctly most of the time…you can get amazing results.

For weight loss, it works. I see many people talking about weight gain on raw till 4 but I never gained…I’ve lost! I’m kind of in shock that it actually worked 1 and 1/2 years out.

I feel almost lame admitting it, but weight loss was one of my deepest wishes for so much of my life.

You know how when you blow out the candles on your birthday cake and make a wish. I wished so many times to be skinny.

I wish I could have been truly happy with how I looked, as I see so many totally adorable chubby kids. But I didn’t know how.

I couldn’t get over the fact that I didn’t look as good as the little kid models in the American Girl catalog. Ha. I really wish I had figured it out back then and was super happy with myself and said F THE HATERS!!! I LOOK AWESOME every day in the mirror when I woke up.

But it’s ok that I didn’t.

In a sense, it is good as I now fully understand the struggle so many women have with their weight on a gut level. And I would never judge anyone for being fat. I know what they deal with. And I think dealing with it made me a more sensitive person than the norm…in a good way. Sometimes I even wonder if that is why I like and understand animals so much and even became vegetarian and then vegan. I think being an outsider in some way because of my weight made me sensitive to animals, who many are too busy to take the time to understand. Do you guys think that ever?

Anyway, the other day I weighed myself at I was 146 pounds, which is the lightest I can remember being since this one crazy year in high school. I used to be around 160 for a long time.

(ME–sorry my eyes look very DEAD in this photo)

I bought bikinis the other day even. I wanted to wear a bikini for so long but felt I looked so far from what you were supposed to look like in a bikini that people would be scared. I remember last year I bought this pink bikini thinking that thanks to all my raw food I could finally wear a bikini…but I felt so pasty and blob like I just sent it back. But now, I look a lot different.

after photo fruit bikini 2 after photo fruit bikini 3

(me in a fruit bikini. still very curvy? But that’s in these days)

My before photo:


I did it.

With no dieting. No calorie restricting. Never being hungry.

I can’t believe it.

Longterm the weight will come off little by little. Freelee the banana girl is right about that I guess.

So does raw till 4 work? I never thought I’d be the one saying this, but for me, a person who never thought she would ever lose weight, having given up on losing weight, it worked.

You can see before and after pictures of me here. The latest ones are at the bottom of the page.

How are you guys doing on raw till 4? Have you gained? Or lost? I have been doing it for 1 an 1/2 years so it has taken all that time to lose 15 pounds…like Freelee says it take a long time….but i think it was very worth it. 


Happy Spring!: An Update on my Fruitarianism and my Vegan Outreach Program on Tinder

Hello everyone,

Spring has sprung.

Little story for ya. The other day I went outside to absorb my daily dose of sunshine.

I was sitting on a bench by the water. The sun was shining on my face. There were dandelions everywhere suddenly and the grass was green.

There were canadian geese in the water. Shout out to my toronto PEEEPS.

There happened to be a bagel crust under the bench.

This little bird came hopping out, right up to me, or rather right up to the bagel…and pecked and then scurried away. But then all these other little birds came out of the woodwork.

Suddenly it seemed like I was in the middle of an enchanted forest of sorts, and all the animals were coming out of the woods to play, and I was the fairytale princess, snow white.

It was soo beautiful. All the animals. Then some dogs came walking by barking at the other dogs in passing. How cute.

It was a great day.

I was proud to be a vegan, proud to be a fruitarian (wannabe).

Lately, I have been thinking about my vegan fruitarian diet.

It has gotten so much easier.

All the things I used to worry about like negative comments from others and what to do when people invited me to restaurants and how people would take it when I met them…have gotten much better.

People have accepted I’m weird and I have relaxed about the diet.

A big part was finally cutting out all oil thanks to the advice of potato strong and only cooking mcdougal style meals at home for dinner– I basically make the stuff on potato strong‘s website.

Also, I really love my diet now. As opposed to it being a hardship where I miss other foods (like in the beginning), I think eating this way is really cool.

I love being like this weird hippie person with an extreme alternative diet. I love knowing I have the edge–a secret knowledge where I can make myself look and feel really great just by eating tons of fruits and vegetables.

I like feeling like Snow White, eating only liquid sunshine, and communing with my animal friends.

It’s awesome.

I love knowing I never have to think about dieting or starving myself ever again. I love being able to shock people by eating like quadruple the portion size they think is normal.

Also I love being vegan and telling people wherever I go to shape up and change their ways. LOL. Probably not the most attractive part of my personality to my friends, but this is a hobby I really enjoy.

If any of you are following me on Facebook, you may have seen my online dating outreach, where I try to shock people when they ask me about veganism, into converting to veganism.

I like to think of myself as Socrates, HA, whose writings I was immersed in my freshman year at college. Well, good old socrates, if you don’t know the story, he was like this totally weird looking, rags wearing, crazy haired guy who stood around in the agora–or market area in ancient greece–and tried to engage people in conversation. He would start off innocently asking them questions, but all of a sudden, these people would be in a fury and a rage, because socrates would start questioning them in their beliefs and the poor unsuspecting victims would realize their beliefs were totally unfounded and would get caught in a total life crisis because they realized they knew nothing. Then a whole swarm of people would surround him and get in on the argument, and they would all argue till the cows came home….about philosophy.

HA. Doesn’t that sounds entertaining. It is. I recommend the books of PLATO. Anyway,

Socrates called himself the stingray or the Gadfly (loose translation). Basically because his penetrating questioning would stun people like they had been stung by this poisonous fish and they would often get really angry at him.

This led to his death??? People couldn’t handle the truth. And couldn’t handle having their beliefs unsettled.

Sound familiar……? yeahhhh.

Anyway, I like to think of myself as the gadfly. Shocking people into a state of questioning their beliefs and waking people up to the truly shocking reality.

I’ll keep working at it, till I get to Socrates like levels.

What about you guys? Do you like to blatantly upset people with your veganism? I used to be the opposite, but I am beginning to enjoy this. And Happy Spring!

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