A List of Cool, Normal Vegan Shoe and Bag Basics

Hello everyone,

Well, a blog format is not always the greatest for finding what you need. Unless you have unlimited time, you will probably never scroll through a blog’s entire archives and see all the great things that may have come before that you may have missed. I feel proud that I’ve found  lot of shoes which I’ve always wanted to own in all non leather materials. I know some one out there in the internet could use this information too. That’s why I started this blog.

In this post, I am compiling a list of all the basic types of shoes that I have featured before so that if the gods of google are kind, someone searching for a “vegan desert boot” might find this site, and have their prayers answered.

So without further ado, a list of some basic types of shoes featured on this site previously:

Vegan Desert Boots ( Here’s a different desert boot like option)

Vegan Ballet flats and regular flats

Vegan Over the Knee Boots

Vegan Rain Boots and rain booties

Vegan TOMS

Sparkly Vegan Heels

Vegan Lace Up Motorcycle Boots

Vegan Equestrian Style knee high Riding Boots and a lace up version

Casual Vegan Suede sneakers for men and women

Vegan Doc Martens

Vegan Vintage T-strap Heels

Vegan Over the knee Pirate Boots

Vegan leather jackets

Vegan Victorian Ankle Boots

Vegan Chelsea Boots

Vegan Lace Up Heels

Vegan Hiking Boots

Cool Vegan Handbags and purses

Vegan Leather Satchel and another option here

I hope you found this helpful, and if you do, I would love to hear from you in the comment section. If there is a shoe you are looking for with man made materials but can’t find it please let me know and I will try to track it down for you.


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