Carmen Miranda Style Vegan Floral Heels

Why do I even know who Carmen Miranda is?

Honestly, I didn’t until I wikipediaed her, but I always knew her name and what she looks like.

She was a brazilian samba singer and then film star in the forties and fifties known for her fruit hat.

I think when I was very young, there must have been some craze for dressing up like Carmen Miranda at eighties costume parties or something.

Anyway, the image lingers on in the mind.

I think I must get my love of banana earrings from her.

And I think she’s the reason why I like the following shoes so much.

I saw these shoes on a great vegan shoe blog Vegan Shoe Addict today, and wanted to share them here, cause I liked them so much.

Poetic Licence Women’s Sweet Shirley Temple Wedge Sandal

Vegan flower wedge heels

I like them in mauve and in white.

What do you think?


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