Vegan Shoes from Totally Vegan Brand Cri de Coeur

Today I got an email from a person at Cri de Coeur, a wonderful line of intentionally vegan shoes.

They just released their spring collection, and asked me to check out their spring vid lookbook. I thought the vid was pretty cool and it made the shoes look very desirable. I definitely wanted some by the end.

But now for my critique– I prefer these lookbook vids to tell a story, and in my opinion, the vid didn’t quite seem realistic enough. The girl got all dressed up to sit on a log by the beach reading a book in French that I couldn’t imagine her actually wanting to read and staring in a depressed way out at the ocean. What was her reason for being there? What is the significance of the depressed sounding title of the book, Le Silence? It just didn’t seem too realistic, however I loved the cinematography and the part where she wakes up and puts on her high fashion vegan shoes in the morning while sunburts break around her.

It reminded me of a really cool vid lookbook for Mary Kate and Ashley’s high fashion line The Row— although their line is most definitely not vegan and it seems they could care less about being vegan, everything is fur and leather. Oh my god. I just rewatched their video and they have a bedspread made completely out of full length animal skins. That is disgusting. But wouldn’t it be great if all the shoes and leather jackets the girl tried on in this vid were vegan…. I think this is what Cri de Coeur is going for-high fashion items but vegan– and what a noble goal that is.

Check out the vid for yourself here.

I love the concept of a vegan lifestyle brand. So rarely do vegan shoes look cool and fashionable. Let’s make it happen peeps!

I thought I would share some of my favorite shoes from Cri de Coeur’s online store:

Emma Elastic Wedge Sandal, Nude - was $220

Elastic Wedge Sandal, Nude

Emma Elastic Wedge Sandal, Black - was $220

and in black

Hannah Assymetric Sandal - Black - was $280

Hannah Assymetric sandal

Hannah Assymetric Sandal - Royal - was $280

and in blue



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