Very Good Looking Vegan Shoes from Melissa in the Style of Katy Perry, J Simp and other Fashionistas!

Today I went into a boutique and looked at their little case of shoes. I saw these awesome shoes and realised they were from Melissa, a totally vegan brand, I have written about before here. I find them to be the most awesome vegan shoes of all. Though I admire every brand of vegan shoes greatly.


Melissa’s Amazonas in Nude

These looked so good in person, I could not believe my eyes.

They looked like something Jessica Simpson would wear. Maybe that’s not really a look you strive for, but you have to admit she does look very done up in a good way sometimes.

Anyway, I thought I would share.

They are available in a range of different colors as well.

They look really good in person, I’m telling you.

Very Katy Perry as well, somehow!

For the best prices on Melissa shoes– google.

These are called Melissa Amazonas and they are sold lots of different places online, so a quick google will tell you the best places.


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