Thoughts on Pets, and Some Very Cool Vegan Sandals, Flats, and Satchels

Hello everyone,

I have a query for you all.

Why do think you are a vegetarian or vegan?

What started it all? Did you read something, see something?

Was there a moment?

I believe I am a vegetarian because I was born with a love of dogs. Having two dogs when I was growing up and spending so much time around them, observing them and loving them, I think made me aware of how obviously similar animals are to human beings.

Ingrid Newkirk, founder of PETA, has said something similar. She said she had a cold distant English mother and was almost raised by her dog. That dog was her best friend growing up, and from personal experience, I know she means this literally.

Eddie Lama, the subject of the documentary The Witness (I wrote about it here) was moved to become a vegetarian and educate people about the fur industry after adopting a stray cat. Before he was a tough guy from Brooklyn who never had a pet, but by being around a cat, he came to love and realize so many truths about animals, that have to be seen to be believed. By this I mean, that they have personalities and the same feelings we do, that they love us and trust us in an unbelievably wonderful way.

What I find so odd is not everyone sees this about animals. Some people think animals don’t suffer in the same way we do, or have feelings. But it is just so obvious to anyone who has been around an animal, don’t you agree?

Dear readers, do you think having a pet taught you important lessons about animals?

If I had a kid, I’d get them a dog asap.

And now on to some interesting shoe and bag options, all VEGAN, of course.

From Forever 21:

forever 21 canvas wedges, $ 19.80
There is some good vegan stuff at urban outfitters right now. While browsing, remember the vegan shoe rule of thumb:
the cheaper the shoe, the more likely it is to be vegan. ( Usually things under $50 tend to be vegan, but always check the product details to be sure).
here’s a good shoe.
cooperative polka dot sunburst sandal, $39
I have a very similar pair in black that I got from urban outfitters last year and I have been wearing them every day. Here are some more colors and prints in the same style…
Urban outfitters is also purveying this extremely interesting take on a black flat, made by cooperative, the same brand as the above shoes. Wonder if they are a vegan company, since all the shoes I’ve seen them make seem to be vegan. I will have to look into this.
cooperative metallic block heel skimmer, $ 39
I really want these shoes. Not sure why. These are cool.
Oh no they didn’t! I’ve just found this “satchel” by cooperative. Again it is vegan, and it is beautiful!!! And Swedish, so I automatically love it.
the one in brown is even better but i can’t find a good picture of it.
Click on this link and trust me on this one.
Oh no. Cooperative is not a vegan company. I see they make some suede things. no!
User submitted photo
a cool laptop case, again from cooperative. $ 28. I guess I like this company’s style.
your thoughts, my friends? 


  1. Becca says:

    finding truly vegan companies can be so difficult. thanks for posting! another place to look for vegan fashion is I just got a really cute pair of vegan shoes for only $25!

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