Chimps Being Released From A Lab and Photos of Jane Goodall

Hello everyone,

Two posts in one day! On a roll.

The other day my mom sent me this article from the Huffpo about some chimps in a lab that had been released and caught on camera seeing the sunlight for the first time.

Wow it was a good clip but also so sad.

Annoyingly, the author of the article kept calling the footage “feel good” and flippantly said “if this doesn’t make your eyes mist up a little, there might be something wrong with you”. NO DUH.

As my mom noted, you can see the hair loss and wounds these chimps have even in this brief clip — the feeling is definitely “getting released from a concentration camp”.

It is amazing to me how human like chimps are. Even in this footage, you know exactly what they are feeling. And anyone who says otherwise hasn’t watched the vid.

This reminds me of one of my earliest childhood heroes. Jane Goodall. I had all her books. I thought she had the coolest career and life. What could be better than living with chimps in Africa.

This also reminds me of how the leather and food industry are not the only places animals need our help.


  1. susan says:

    you know the other thing that annoyed me about the commentary on that video… is the author probably interpreted the grin on the chimps face as joy.. but I thought their body language and grin was an expression of fear and anxiety and extreme caution.. You?

    • marthaflatley says:

      Good point. They definitely did seen nervous and fearful! Yeah u r prob right! They prob would have been jumping for joy if they were overjoyed!

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