Candy Colored 50s Vegan Oxfords from Paris, Moonrise Kingdom, Vegan Saddle Shoes, and Great Company Names

Through the excellent vegan clothing blog The Streets I Know I learned today about this awesome french company, coming out soon with some shoes I will have to get.

First of all they have a great company name: Good Guys. 

I love a really good name for a company. Funny, clever….wish I had thought of that. It reminds me of a lingerie brand whose name I think is perfect: Yes, Master.

Funny, clever–cheeky! It’s just perfect. And so is Good Guys. It reminds me of the book The Road. Has any one read it? It’s probably the most powerful book I’ve ever read. “Are we the good guys, dad?”

Anyway, so…. the motto of Good Guys is good guys don’t wear leather.

I agree! Also, think about it, the villain in a movie is always be dressed in fur, or black leather…

Like the unforgettable villain from McCabe and Mrs. Miller in a huge bearskin…

And of course the symbol for being bad is…a leather jacket. Maybe I will do a special post on fake leather jackets…since there are so many great ones.

Candice Swanepoel…

What do you think of my theory? The Bad Guys wear leather…

But anyway…

Here are some of the Good Guys’ shoes:

Their SPring Collection is coming out at the end of January and they are all candy colored:

I can’t wait to get a pair of these shoes. These are just the kind of shoes I have ben looking for.

You know what these also remind me of?

Moonrise Kingdom the latest Wes Anderson film. Have you seen the trailer yet? Run, don’t walk to youtube, and watch it. Now, that you’ve seen it, don’t these remind you somehow of the movie. Even though Suzy is wearing SADDLE SHOES  which I wrote a post about (ahead of the times people) a little while back (by the way, I wear mine almost every day), these candy colored shoes inspired as the Good Guy’s says by the 1950s gets the same effect:

I liked the Good Guys on facebook so I will keep you updated on when these cool vegan shoes become available. (supposedly end of Jan).

Your thoughts? Candy Colored shoes? Are there company names you think are perfect? 


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