A Very Good Vegan Oxford Shoe

Whenever I get a comment I am inspired to write another post. Today I received a lovely comment from Jessica telling me about her raw food experience since I mentioned a while back I was interested. I AM still interested and I am very thankful to hear her experience. She also told me she has got a lot of inspiration from this blog–it warms the heart. Thanks to all the commenters who have ever commented on this blog–I love receiving your words from the ether.

Anyway, I am inspired to show you this vegan oxford shoe from Old Navy, for $ 32.

Now for some fashion musings from me.

For a while Oxfords were so trendy, that I was thinking people would perceive me as a slave to fashion if I wore them. However they are a great shoe to own. They are a flat shoe that is less dainty and Audrey Hepburn like then a ballet flat (check out my post on the the inspiration behind ballet flats here).

Which is all to say, I really like these.

One person who these shoes remind me of  is Garance Dore.

Along with Garance Dore and every person the Sartorialist has ever photographed, one other person who wears oxfords a lot that mey or may not lend you some style inspiration is this norwegian fashion blogger Maja Casablancas. She appears to be an under age model/ girl about town. I followed her for a while on her old blog polka dots and vodkashots where she documented her late night parties, clubbing, and “little girl lost” lifestyle, along with her interesting artistic tastes and inspiration (usually rather dark and morbid). Tonight I found her new blog. And had to read the whole thing, going back through the archives. It’s great! She usually wears a menswear inspired look…


She went as Ursula for Halloween. MAJA props.


your thoughts?


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