Black Milk Meat Leggings: Make An Animal Rights Statement while Looking like a Boss (As they say in the BM Community lol)

Hello, Guys…

Black Milk, which sells crazy spandex leggings, skirts and dresses


My Galaxies Make Me Smile (:

I cant find the link to this? But i assume it is for sale! 

badgesonablazer:  Did anyone say idol? I love Tavi and crazy leggings are fast becoming my new obsession& need some now! Tavi Gevinson of wearing leggings from

is one of my favorite companies. Besides making awesome clothes which will get you a million compliments and all the attention you so desire, I love how they run their company. It is sad how much I check their happening facebook page

I feel if I ever had my own company it would be a cross between the styles of Black Milk and…(amazing skin care line that made my skin clear for once in my life)

Weird much? What the both companies have in common is a personalized, truthful approach. They do things their own way, like a normal person selling you stuff rather than some weird faceless manipulative marketed mass A.K.A most big companies. With these companies there is a lot of normal personal interaction over social media with the founder and team, and you really can tell that they have an honest desire to help their customers and they love the products just as much as you do. They are just majorly great companies with great products.

Recently Black Milk had one of their pairs of leggings go viral. They called them the Meat Leggings or (muscle leggings). Everyone is making fun of them saying how ridiculous these leggings are.

However, I thought they would be a perfect statement for vegans or vegetarians…similar to Ingrid Newkirk saying she will donate her body to be eaten after she dies and many of Peta’s campaigns (which i approve of) to get people to realize that humans and animals are made of the same stuff–muscles, fat, blood–MEAT! Weird, but true.

What do you think of these meat leggings? Would you wear them? Ever heard of Black Milk?

What are your thoughts on PETA? Do you love them like me, or find they do more harm than good?


  1. Lucy Beard says:

    Its actually human leg muscles.

  2. Marina says:

    I have these! :D

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