Vegan Workman’s Boots and a Cool Tomboy Blogger Who Works Them

awkward impromptu photoshoot by photographer @rafaelrios28 at #1992 - follow him @rafaelrios28  (Taken with Instagram)A cool style I have been into lately is the style of this blogger Vashtie. I like how she is so openly tomboyish. Like she will wear t-shirts and mesh shorts to some super hip event in NYC, and look like the coolest person there, I’m sure.
Allow me to illustrate with some photos from her tumblr.

hay (2009) (Taken with Instagram)Albany, New York 2012 (Lark Street Tattoo)
LARK STREET TATTOO - one of my first after-school jobs. I got a job here when I was in 8th grade - true story. I worked there up until the Summer of my Freshman year at Art School. As a curious 13 year old, I loved going in there everyday to look at their Tattoo Flash and art books. I also had a crush on Bruce Kaplan, the owner, so I found myself in there a lot trying to get his attention. One day, to make use of an annoying kid like me and to get some tedious work done, they asked if I wanted to make a couple bucks tidying up a workstation.  I was taught how to clean grips and tubes and sterilize equipment. I was fascinated and excited with it all. As I came back, I was given more work and more duties…like drafting up tattoo artwork for clients and managing the shop. As Bruce says, “Vashtie could run her own tattoo shop with all the experience she has”. It was so unreal. Here I was this kid in a Catholic School Uniform hanging out in a tattoo shop everyday after-school. It must have looked so crazy, but everyone assumed I was Bruce’s daughter.
The guys that worked there strangely became father figures to me, as I had rebelled from my own parents years prior (I also think that my parents still don’t know about me working there). They’d ask me “what did you learn in school today?” - something that my parents never asked me, but really made me think about the lessons taught (or mis-taught rather). Not only that, but they’d meet all the kids I hung out with to make sure they weren’t terrible. I also had to have a perfect report card to get anything pierced (ears only) and they told me I could only get tattooed when I was of legal age. I think working there took the appeal out of wanting one, because after being surrounded by amazing tattoo work, terrible tattoo trends and having a lot of ideas of my own - I ended up getting none…ever.
They taught me about music, art, film, culture and fed me in a way that (no doubt) helped to create the girl that I am today.

melo vash at the garden (12/25/11)

shake it off (2011) #driesvannoten #topshopchristopherkane (Taken with Instagram)

commute by @swilly13 (2007) (Taken with Instagram)…and so #fashionweek begins. thanks to @dknyprgirl #dkny for my #newyorkgiants supportive dress worn at #target @targetstyle #shops event and the @nike @21mercer #peprally (Taken with Instagram)

I think this is such a cool style.

If you notice in some of these pictures she is wearing these men’s type boots.

I have seen two vegan versions of these.

The first 1 is very expensive, as far as vegan shoes go, but it is from an all vegan company.

Worker Tan

Worker Black

From Brave Gentleman, an excellent store for vegan men that I just liked on facebook.

(by the way you can find me on facebook as well under My Non Leather Life).

These shoes are just totally awesome, and I desire them both.

However I have found another option from an unintentionally vegan store.

The second option is

AEO Rugged Lace-Up Boot - Free Shipping


American Eagle Rugged Lace Up Boot. Made of Polyurethane, with a canvas lining, and rubber soles.

Workman’s shoes.

Would you wear?








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