Cool New Shoes From a Brand That’s Making Vegan Shoe Lovers Proud—-The Good Guys

Who is F.C ?

(pics from the goodguys tumblr)

Hello Everyone,

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With that said,

One company I really admire is Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. I have written about them before here and here in my Top Ten Vegan Shoe Essentials.

Well they have come out with new shoes for Fall.

They are so great, I can’t even believe they are vegan. I trust them though– no conspiracy theories or anything.

In my opinion, these are definitely the coolest vegan shoes for men out there. With the exception of these workman’s boots I wrote about. And of course, they are cool for women too.

Desert Boots. I am attracted to boys who wear these…sigh.


Ayita Brandy

They have them in grey, olive, brandy and black.

Can you believe these are non leather.

Ok. Here are my other favorite picks.

aponi navy

blue suede shoes much? Very cool.

aponi brandy

workout black

Also these. Wasn’t sure about them. But they look really cool on this girl.

Meet Helga Wretman !

Well, they’re great. Male readers, you can find cool shoes here and now my blog has served its purpose–to help people find vegetarian and vegan shoes which are actually cool.

One problem. They’re quite pricey, which stopped me from buying those cool pink and turquoise ones they had this spring–and now they are sold out. Dumb. My feelings are– this is the kind of vegan company we need more of. We need more of all kinds, but I love this one. These shoes are as beautiful as leather shoes…more so, with this awesome badge of being “a good guy” on the bottom of your shoes and the feeling that you are not wearing a tortured animal. I feel I need to support this company, and the price is justified.

Keep up the good work, good guys.

Also I love their tumblr. Their tumblr really makes you understand the look they are going for with these shoes. It’s old school, california surfer, lords of dogtown, rock and roll, fifties, sixties, french movies, L.A, the Wild West, Woody Allen–to name a few themes I spotted. I LOVE their inspirations. I can see it really expanding into an awesome brand. I’m a fan.

What do you think of them. Do any of you guys own a pair and want to tell me how shipping was etc, and what they’re like?

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