4 Cool Vegan Shoes…Vegan Heels, Vegan Uggs, Vegan Wedges and Vegan Workman’s Boots

I found these vegan heels at urban outfitters. Very cute. And the heel is not too high which is good for me who is already tall and likes to kick up my heels and dance.

Anyone for some faux suede uggs? I would enjoy wearing these for apres-ski whatever that means. I know it means after-skiing, but I believe it’s a whole lifestyle as well… that includes hot-tubing, drinking hot chocolate and partying at the ski lodge. These vegan uggs can be found at Old Navy for an excellent price.

I think (vegan) Uggs are cool. I have heard people say “Uggs are so hideous! One can never be sexy wearing ze uggs.” All I can say to them, is U R Crazy. Of course you can be sexy wearing VEGAN faux suede uggs. These are the people who say the same thing about crocs–a great vegan shoe.

These are the shoes I really really want. These vegan Worker Boots are from a collab with vegan companies Novacas and Brave Gentleman, and unforch cost $250. But they are gorgeous. And I have them in black and wear them every day. You can buy them at Mooshoes.

That reminds me….if any men are reading this blog, if you are looking for some really cool shoes, check out this aforementioned collaboration. They have some really cool shoes…Also check out Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather, and you will probably be set for vegan shoes.

Speaking of Good Guys, a shoe of theirs has really been growing on me. At first I thought it was very odd, but now I see how it looks great.

Worn by this super cool french blogger.

I want them in navy. They can be found for people in the US at mooshoes, and for others…at the good guys online shop.

Alright…any vegan shoes that are COOL that you guys have heard about of late?

Well, I have to give you a little update on me before I end this post.

I have been drinking green smoothies daily after doing that amazing interview with Natalie from OutletforFoodPicturesOCD, and following her advice to read Green For Life by Victoria Boutenko, a book which seems to inspire every one who reads it to rush to make a green smoothie asap.

I have also been extremely vegan, whereas before I tried to be mostly vegan, for the past week after reading one too many books on the reasons why things like the dairy and egg industries are not at all what I thought they were.

Yay for me.

I got an adorable comment from someone who says their dress code requires leather shoes and they used my blog to find similar non leather shoes.

Happy Monday? How are you?


  1. Lovely to see other super vegan shoes Victoria. See my latest blog peek into my transitioning vegan shoe closet at http://va-va-veganblog.com/2012/11/19/a-peek-into-my-seasonal-shoe-cupboard/

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