My Pole Dancing Retreat in Jamaica and 30 Days of Banana Island


Hi guys,

I just came back from Jamaica from my pole dancing retreat.

It was an amazing experience as always.

If any of you guys live in NYC, LA, Houston, Chicago or San Fran, you gotta try S Factor (the pole dancing studio I go to). It is such an amazing experience and journey.

It’s totally changed my life. (Up there with veganism and 80/10/10). And basically everyone at my studio feels the exact same way.

People are scared to try it cause there is such a taboo about stripping but don’t be scared.

Even though there are no men allowed in the studio, in a weird way it IS about stripping—stripping off the shame we have learned about our bodies and personalities and feeling FREE again.

You strip off the ways you stiffened up your movement to take up less space and less attention.

You strip of the way you stuffed down your emotions because it wasn’t ok to express your sadness or rage.

So yeah a lot of stripping lol.

And you get to learn how to be a beautiful dancer.

You channel these emotions when you get in the zone…I feel extreme power, fire, bliss, strength, aggression…

It’s just amazing, I wish you could see it.

In fact, you may be able to because a real documentary filmmaker is making a film about the studio and I am going to be in the film, being interviewed and dancing in it.


If you want to learn more about it, watch this ted talk by the founder of s factor. It is amazing.

I have actually noticed a lot of fruitarian and vegan people are pole dancers.

I guess it is kind of an alternative, free thinking thing to do.

I have been thinking lately though that it is something more though.

I think climbing the pole may be a literal instinct inside of us because when we were monkeys we climbed and played on trees so much.

Am I crazy? Ha.

Anyway, in Jamaica I wore my real bikini out for the first time (no more high waisted bottoms for me thanks to fruit and veganism) and swam in the ocean.

photo 3

I ate a lot of fruit every day. The pineapple there was so buttery and delish, and the papaya, my favorite fruit, was standard amazing.

This one time, we were all in golf carts and this guy started approaching us and handed me a coconut. Everyone was amazed he had showed up out of nowhere to gift me this coconut and attributed it to my feminine magnetism. Little did he know I REALLY wanted to try a coconut from a tree, as a wannabe fruitarian, and had been making intense eye contact with him and the coconut lol.

Many people gave me weird looks about my platefuls of pineapple but at this point, about a year and a half into my fruit based lifestyle, I really don’t care anymore. It has become normal to me.

It was so hard in the beginning but now it is so easy.

Oh by the way, Do you remember Squeegy from the interview, who is trying to cure herself from the suicide disease and has been extremely successful using a fruitarian diet? You can follow her progress if you join the Facebook group Reach4Raw or this interesting group she started about fruit detox Robert Morse style.

Today marks a full MONTH for her on banana island, or eating only bananas. And it marks 100 days for her on FRUIT only. She is trying to detox Robert Morse style through eating only fruit. Her journey into the unknown world of detox and fruitarianism is fascinating, and I recommend joining reach4raw or her new Facebook group Vegan Dr Robert Morse ND Detox Support to follow her posts.

She sometimes posts pics of the crazy stuff that is happening to her on her detox journey.

I used to think the term DETOX was total B.S. Now I am listening closely.

xoxo Hope you are all doing well.



  1. Ann says:

    Great post! I did S Factor in NYC up to level 3. Then people started coming late and the teacher was waiting for them, and then we’d have to put up with them gabbing about reality TV. I complained and quit but that’s NYC. I know a girl that specifically moved to LA for it. I enjoyed it very much. Dancing is my favorite thing in the world. You look amazing!

    • admin says:

      That is so awesome! Level 3 is when it gets really cool….maybe if you came back you would get a less reality tv obsessed better class mix. Who was your teacher?

    • admin says:

      lol if you meant to say boob job Im very flattered!!! The wonders of a push up bra, the mysteries of which men do not commonly understand. I like the term book job though.

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