My Non Leather Life’s 2014 Vegan Holiday Gift Guide


Hi Guys,

I thought I would make a vegan holiday gift guide for you all. Here are my ideas! As they say on Youtube, “let’s get started!”

1. T-shirt that says VEGAN

Well, if you are vegan then you get the right to proclaim it loudly and proudly to everyone you meet in the form of a vegan t-shirt. I almost feel wearing a t-shirt with VEGAN emblazoned on it is a cool right of passage for every vegan. Not only do you advertise the message, but it is a good way to meet other vegans out and about. This T-shirt does all that, but with a sense of humor. I need one.

LOL. You can buy it here. They have a really hilarious t-shirt as well for you fullyraw fruitarians out there. Heat is Murder. GENIOSITY.

And it says Raw Vegan on the back. I love it.

2. Fruit of the Month Club

What about a subscription to a fruit of the month club. Even before I was so into fruit, I loved when my parents got gifted a fruit of the month club during the holidays. The whole year you could expect a big box of really interesting fruit. It is a pretty cool gift. This site compares and contrasts all the fruit of the month options out there so you can select one according to your budget.

3. Minimale Animale Bikini

Ok my 3rd idea is not necessarily vegan, but it is kind of fruitarian. If you have been having hawaii envy and staring at pics of Loni Jane on instagram on the beach daydreaming about being on a tropical paradise, then perhaps you will like this one: I have been lusting after these awesome bikinis from minimale animale. They are the perfect “lie on the beach and absorb the vitamin d in as little fabric as possible” bikinis. I bought one and instantly was addicted and now I want another one.

bikinis from minimal animale


Ok, I say this one every year but who wouldn’t love a gift basket from Lush? Lush is very against animal testing, refusing to work with any companies who work with other companies who do animal testing, they often host vegan demonstrations, and I’d say most of their products are vegan and all of the ones that are are clearly marked vegan. (Why not all, I know….)

My favorite Lush products are their beer shampoo Cynthia Sylvia Stout, and this new christmas-y soap I got called YOG NOG. But you really can’t go wrong with a Lush thing in my mind. Also get some bath bombs because they’re so cool.

5. Vintage Inspired Parisian Vegan Shoes

What about a super cool new pair of vegan shoes from vegan company Good Guys Don’t Wear Leather. I would pick these babies below

Impractical for winter I know, but it would give me hope for spring. Good Guys has the coolest vegan shoes for men in my opinion.

If nothing at Good Guys strikes your fancy, check out my cool vegan shoes board on pinterest where I have hundreds of cool new vegan shoes that you can buy online by clicking on the pictures. Also there are bags, coats and pleather jacket type things. Some great gifts on there for sure.

6. A Vegan Down Comforter

A new synthetic fake “down comforter” for any body you know who doesn’t have a totally awesome comforter. I feel this makes all the difference in the world, and this comforter was painstakingly compared and contrasted with other synthetic comforters and declared the ultimate winner by the wirecutter’s sister site The Sweethome (a really cool site by the way)

Best vegan comforter

7. A Vitamix

This one is an ultimate gift for anyone who you feel could improve their health. A Vitamix. This costco price is for a certified reconditioned one and the cheapest price I’ve ever seen (thanks raw vegan John Fallucca for the tip).

A vitamix is the best investment in your health you will ever make. I have used mine literally every single day since I got it, and would be very lost without it. It is worth the price.

Also you might want to include one of Victoria Boutenko’s awesome books like Raw Family or Green for Life.

8. Save a Pig and send them to the The Pig Preserve sanctuary

Last year for Christmas my mom donated in my name to the beautiful hundred acre Pig Preserve and Richard Hoyle the founder wrote a note saying the $ helped him take in two more pigs they might have had to turn away. Saving a pig–what is more the true meaning of Christmas than that.

Here is my interview I did  about The Pig Preserve.

You can write to Richard in the paypal instructions to the seller.

Here is the link to donate. 

9. Nike Pro Shorts and a copy of DurianRider’s Carb The Fuck Up

Some cool work out gear from nike pro to motivate you to workout.

Nike pro shorts just look really cool I think.

Also to take your fitness level to the next level I would really recommend buying for someone DurianRider’s e-book Carb the Fuck Up. Lol, I know, but it was actually a quite fascinating book with many truly concrete tips that can change your life. It won’t bore you that is for sure. I really recommend this book. It is worth it.

Carb the Fuck Up Ebook

10. a quality camera that the best youtubers recommend for starting out making youtube videos

I watch a lot of youtube and this is a camera that very popular youtubers recommend to start out with. You definitely don’t need an expensive camera to make youtube videos, but if you want to start a vegan youtube channel or any sort of youtube channel and have the quality of your vid look nice, supposedly this is awesome quality for the price.

Happy Holidays to all!

Do you guys have any other good gift ideas? Comment below please : )


  1. Great list! Love those shoes!

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  3. Vitamix looks like is putting your fruits to good use.

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