Exclusive: Interview with The Ghosts in Our Machine Director Liz Marshall


(photo of Liz Marshall and Sonny the Calf from The Ghosts in Our Machine’s website)

Ok guys, it’s here. YAY! Here is the interview I was talking about in my last post that I did with film director Liz Marshall of the upcoming film The Ghosts in Our Machine. I think you will really enjoy listening to Liz talk about The Ghosts in Our Machine.

Well, this film is going to be something big. If you watched the trailer you know it’s gonna be good. I can’t wait. If you did look into The Ghosts in Our Machine, let me know what you think. Let’s discuss! I am excited. And a final Thank you so much to Liz, not just for doing the interview but for making this film (not to mention the website that has a lot of cool things and upcoming stuff on it, along with vegan coaching) that I think will have a big effect on whoever sees it.

And might I add a thank you to my readers while I am at it (academy awards style)….interaction with you guys and even knowing people were reading this blog made me interested in going deeper into the world of animal rights…I feel more passionate and convinced than ever before that this stuff is important and the next frontier. Thanks guys.

Thanks Liz!


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