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Do You See the Ghosts?

Do you see the ghosts?

Hello everyone,

Have you seen that video going around of a 2 year old boy who is being fed Octopus gnochhi by his mother when all of a sudden he has the realization that he is eating a dead animal that was killed for his food.

It is really an awesome video. At the end, the mom starts crying, and like a Hans Christian Anderson story, the little boy asks, “Mother, why are you crying?” and she says “Because you move me”.

It reminds me of the story “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. The kids can see what everyone else is numbed to. The 2 year old knows that we should protect animals and not chop them down and eat them, but most people just accept it.

I saw The Ghosts in Our Machine repost the link on their facebook page saying, “Luiz [the little boy] sees the ghosts. Do you?”

I love that. The whole meaning of ghosts in the machine is that there is this huge industrial machine…these big slaughterhouses with conveyer belt slaughtering systems but inside are living beings….souls…that are lost in the machine. A soul in the body that is used for meat.

I love how they said “do you see the ghosts?”

That is genius. Do you see the ghosts?

Do you see the dignity and personhood of each animal, no matter how different they are from you.

I feel this is what all of Jo-Anne McArthur’s photographs show so beautifully. They show that a shark in an aquarium tank isn’t just a fish happy to swim in its tank and a fun outing with the vegan boyfriend, but a LIFE with a family and a desire for freedom. A shark shouldn’t be cooped up against it’s will in a tank. It’s not “just” a shark, it’s a being with it’s own right to freedom.

But you’ll never understand this, unless you somehow manage to see the ghosts.

I believe the way I came to “see the ghosts” is by bearing witness as explained by Anita Krajnc and watching the youtube videos of pig slaughterhouses and pig transport trucks from Toronto Pig Save.

Do you see the ghosts?

When you look at an animal, do you just see something you can’t relate to….or do you see the “someone” inside.

Do you see the ghosts?

Brilliant, right??

Can’t wait to see Ghosts in Our Machine.


New Vegan Shoes and a Tumblr that will Open Your Eyes through Art

I added some more vegan shoes on pinterest today.

vegan go go boots

white converse high tops.

vegan birkenstocks because I have really been reminiscing about my old pair. They were so comfortable, and incredibly real birkenstocks for all their hippie-ness, are not at all vegan.

These little babies. Converse! Pretty cool right?
Some nice classic “thongs”.
Anyway check em out on my vegan shoes pinterest board!
After you have done that, turn your mind to more troubling matters.

Check out this blog by an unknown tumblrist: I Have Seen Another World.

Through pictures and dreamy captions….it tells a story of a war.

All of a sudden you see it as a war…that’s going on right now…and has been going on for thousands of years…against our fellow earthlings.
It’s incredible. This blog really opened my eyes. Wish I knew who created it. I recognized many of the photos on it as Jo-Anne McArthur’s.
Check it out, and check out the Holocaust Comparison Project by David Sztybel if you didn’t already. It is very ….interesting.