New Vegan Shoes and a Tumblr that will Open Your Eyes through Art

I added some more vegan shoes on pinterest today.

vegan go go boots

white converse high tops.

vegan birkenstocks because I have really been reminiscing about my old pair. They were so comfortable, and incredibly real birkenstocks for all their hippie-ness, are not at all vegan.

These little babies. Converse! Pretty cool right?
Some nice classic “thongs”.
Anyway check em out on my vegan shoes pinterest board!
After you have done that, turn your mind to more troubling matters.

Check out this blog by an unknown tumblrist: I Have Seen Another World.

Through pictures and dreamy captions….it tells a story of a war.

All of a sudden you see it as a war…that’s going on right now…and has been going on for thousands of years…against our fellow earthlings.
It’s incredible. This blog really opened my eyes. Wish I knew who created it. I recognized many of the photos on it as Jo-Anne McArthur’s.
Check it out, and check out the Holocaust Comparison Project by David Sztybel if you didn’t already. It is very ….interesting.


  1. Kim says:

    Hey, just wanted to give a heads up that and have leather-free options but I’m not sure about the glue that is used so I can’t say for sure if they’re vegan or not.

    That said, I have one of the pairs of shoes that you have on your pinterest (the maryjanes from

    And that tumblr you linked to is excruciatingly heartbreaking but so necessary. Thank you for sharing.

    You can come on over and check out my pinterest if you want (

    • admin says:

      Hi Kim, I have read online about glues and the consensus seems to be that shoe glues are now synthetic, but no one seems to know for sure. At least not on the internet.

      I took a crack at it here though if you are interested in my article “do shoes have animal based glues in them? no thankfullly”

      Thanks so much for your comment. Isn’t that tumblr just fascinating. So eye opening. So glad you liked it. Will def check out your pinterest! Stay in touch on facebook, if you want!

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